Wuxing Five Elements not a player in 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting of real (news) events

9 Stars Jiu Xing and Wuxing Five Elements prediction - Heluo Hill

We are here not to in any way dismiss Wuxing Five Elements.

It can’t be done.

It’s just that, practically, if for purpose of 9 Star Ki Divination 九星占卜 you care to sit with annual- and monthly Luoshu to forecast real (news) events or your personal life progression by the hand of 9 Stars, Wuxing (cycles) should be taken out of the equation.

There exists a persistent contraction between 9 Stars and Five Transformations.

It is where Star 1 can be still only seen in light of ‘Water’, Star 9 only in light of ‘Fire’. Not just that, once involved Wuxing cycles, then taken any combination between Stars to ‘supporting cycle is auspicious’ and ‘controlling cycle is inauspicious’, your accuracy in events forecasting will only take a nose-dive.

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Here’s in just showing that 9 Stars have full mandate to instigate events, with not the help of any outside assistance.

Said differently:

9 Star Ki Divination - prediction exercise - Heluo HillYou need to read on, if once in seeing annual Star 9 to appear in the Star 1 Luoshu Palace, you were to not take these magnitudes to just their 9 Stars and Trigram attributes straight away, while instead you were to take Star 9 to ‘Fire’, Star 1 of the Luoshu Palace to ‘Water’, while then you would take the Star combination to Wuxing ‘control’, while then you’ll expect ‘negative’ outcome in real events or setback to befall a Star 9 native.

That’s right, as wuxing are great, but at the very least in your forecasting real events through 9 Stars and Luoshu, you need to let go of Wuxing entirely.

You will achieve greatly in your events forecasting through 9 Stars, once even only you lifted the Wuxing flap on your glasses, while look through only just still your 9 Stars lens.

Try it and you’ll finally have 9 Stars appear before you - and Luoshu to give you the story - straight away, this time unreservedly.

There’s not the contraction between 9 Stars and Wuxing
Let it be said that we cannot as such dismiss Five Elements, which
may be there for a purpose, as it’s just plain physics.

Five Elements may handle waxing and waning within any in itself
enclosed circuit, each time within own spectrum.

However, to concern of our forecasting real events through
9 Stars, we can no longer have Wuxing dismiss 9 Stars.

Only practically, if for purpose of forecasting real events, you sit with annual- and monthly Luoshu, you want that your divinatory work is effective and spot on, right?

That’s passively, if it means you were to read Luoshu on ‘done deal’ events, or actively, as you may be into ‘predictions’ done by the hand of 9 Stars and Luoshu.

Exercise One
Let’s position the subject with here image, and see how 9 Star Ki Divination is done.

To see the direct relationship between 9 Stars and the real event, you’ll no more than take the (in)tangible phenomena to their appointed 9 Stars and Trigram attributes.

Whether beginner or advanced, it’s always just in how you relate real news events to 9 Stars and 8 Trigrams.

Once as such Star 1 taken to ‘island’, you then leave it at just that. There is no further connotation with Star 1 as in Wuxing ‘Water’ or as we’d expect ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ outcome.

Your 9 Ki Divination starts if just you think ‘Star 1’, or ‘island’, then not you delve into ‘support’ or ‘control’.

9 Stars Jiu Xing and Luoshu annual predictions - Five Elements cycles - Heluo Hill

Not only do we say that the elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water are mutually related through the ‘supporting cycle’ or ‘controlling cycle’, there has existed a firm believe then also that ‘supporting cycle is auspicious’, while ‘controlling cycle is unbeneficial’.

That may be fine elsewhere in the various systems available in Oriental metaphysics, but it doesn’t work once 9 Stars laid against the ruler of real events.

While there is no meaningful ‘control’ or ‘support’ among 9 Stars where it comes to our forecasting real events, still, by the contraction between 9 Stars and Wuxing, 9 Stars are taken on a free ride on the back of Wuxing cycles.

Were we to stick with the contraction 9 Stars + Wuxing, it is where we would expect annual- and monthly Stars to follow suit, then ‘positive’ events instigated if Stars engender one another, then ‘negative’ events if one Star controls the other Star.

As I have not been without 9 Stars and Luoshu for events forecasting for even a day since 1988, we have only our news media, to see that it is simply not so.

Yet, there exists a widespread contraction between 9 Stars and Five Elements in the field of Chinese metaphysics, which notion can be upheld by any single practitioner for easily decades.

This discourse it to focus on just raw 9 Stars, but as just we scrutinize annual- and monthly Luoshu on real events, or as we may use 9 Stars for our personal life progression, in our planning for do’s & don’ts for any year or any month.

But, if then we were to glue a Wuxing onto each one of 9 Stars, we needed to solve if indeed ‘supporting cycle is auspicious’ and ‘controlling cycle is inauspicious’, because if ever you had adopted such paradigm - certainly if at one point in time you had stepped forward as a teacher or as a professional consultant -, you might just want to reconsider.

Explained what may be a bit more plausible as an explanation on Wuxing 5 Elements - Shapes and Forms

Only so fortunately, practitioners of the Chinese astrology of Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi 八字算命, will be able to tell you that ‘supporting cycle’ between elements in the Chinese horoscope wasn’t to bode ‘positive’ as an automation. Strength and weakness calculations – done largely by the hand of Twelve Life Stages (十二長生) - may in fact give the supporting element as Annoying God (Ji Shen 忌神) and to be avoided. On the other hand, Bazi may deem the Wuxing ‘controlling cycle’ in the Bazi birth chart most commendable, as the controlling element can be deemed Power/Official 官 (Ten Gods - Shi Shen 十神) upon Day Master, to be identified as the Useful God (Yong Shen 用神). What's more, the notion of (un)favorable is not carved in stone in Bazi, as prospects each time change relative to time and other factors.

Back to 9 Star Ki Divination, which lets you ‘translate Stars into events, events into Stars’ in a very direct way.

If you own the key.

To forecast real (news) events and your personal life progression by the hand of 9 Stars and Luoshu, no more than requires that you arrange (in)tangible phenomena by 9 Stars and Trigram attributes.

It no more than means that, if now you see annual Star 2, you think ‘study’, or ‘spouse’, or ‘homestead’, or ‘mob’, or ‘inmate’, or ‘zoo’. But to concern of real events, you wouldn’t be taking Star 2 to ‘Earth’.

If you see annual Star 7, you think ‘finances’, or ‘mouth’, or ‘singing’, or ‘knife’. But to concern of real events, you don’t take Star 7 to ‘Metal’.

In fact, in the realm of events forecasting through 9 Stars and Luoshu, and as you mirror 9 Stars against the news, just real events, you will see that Wuxing (cycles) are out.

Exercise Two
I’ll show you the crux by just one image, then I’ll explain.

9 Stars and Luoshu news predictions - Wuxing Five Elements - Heluo Hill

Yet, Wuxing Five Transformations are omnipresent in Chinese metaphysics, while some would seem emotionally attached to ‘auspicious’ in seeing ‘supporting cycle’, then ‘harmful’ in seeing ‘controlling cycle’.

If we are on to forecasting real (news) events or personal life progression by the hand of 9 Stars, will Five Elements have a hand in affairs? Does it matter that Star 1 ‘is’ Water, or that Star 9 ‘is’ Fire?

Do we expect to see a different outcome with real events if annual- and monthly Stars meet in Luoshu to ‘support’, or to ‘control’ one another?

Even asking these questions means, we were still no other than persistently seeing 9 Stars in light of Wuxing.

If really you are serious about forecasting real events through 9 Stars and Luoshu, make sure to sit with annual- and monthly Luoshu, while stay with those 9 Stars and Trigram attributes to the phenomena, and add nothing.

Now that 9 Stars are the only players, your next move in forecasting real events will be straight on to 9 Ki syntax, while never you saw Wuxing. 9 Ki syntax then involves:

  • Luoshu Trend
  • Reversed Luoshu Axis
  • In Prison-Out of In Prison
  • Read Host-Guest
  • Read for opposite Star(s)

The latter does ‘the trick’, as we say “nothing to befall our Subject Star with not for the opposite Palace and Star(s) having a direct hand in affairs”.

9 Stars have full mandate to instigate real events, and while Wuxing may come in as meaningful elsewhere, within certain context and for other purpose, there’s never been the contraction between 9 Stars and Wuxing, if it means that Wuxing were seen as to instigate events or even remotely influence either the auspicious or inauspicious outcome.

Question being, if we mirror annual- and monthly Luoshu against news events, to forecast by the hand of 9 Stars, do we actually see from those news events that, indeed if annual- and monthly Stars relate as to the supporting cycle, positive events should spring from this, while if annual- and monthly Stars relate as to the controlling cycle, we should be seeing negative outcome?

It’s really quite straightforward, as once you scrutinize real (news) events, you will see that there is no such thing, because only 9 Stars have a hand in real events, while Wuxing are not a player.

However, there is no way around this untiring and ineradicable ‘contraction’ between 9 Stars 九星 and Wuxing Five Transformations 五行. To the point of symbiosis, and to the point that in fact, most can only still see Star 1 in light of ‘Water’, Star 3 in light of ‘Wood’.

Clam up like an oyster
If you sketch annual- and monthly Luoshu to forecast real events, or as you may be planning ahead your personal initiatives, you want that 9 Stars unfold to give you the story unabatedly.

If you continue over such line as where you saw a contraction between 9 Stars and Wuxing, while you can only yet experience any two Stars in light of ‘supporting cycle is auspicious’ and ‘controlling cycle is unbeneficial’, Luoshu will clam up like an oyster, instantly.

If you can see 9 Stars for what they are, and for their having full mandate to instigate events, while 9 Stars do not need any outside assistance to produce events, this alone will drastically boost your accuracy.

9 Stars to hire from different casting agencies
We see other emblems being glued onto 9 Stars, but none as tenaciously as Five Elements. It is hard to meet anyone in Chinese metaphysics able – or even daring - to ‘let go’ of such association, and to still see 9 Stars for what they are, just 9 Stars.

Why name each one of 9 Stars in one breath with ‘a’ Wuxing as if one were to inextricably result from the other, when we know that 9 Stars fully act on their own, while 9 Stars may no more than momentarily ‘hire’ extras from a choice of casting agencies, in this case a casting agency by the name of ‘Wuxing Ltd’?

Now that you’ll have probably well acquainted with 9 Stars, chances are slim, in other words, that not you’ll have seen such contractions as here between 9 Stars and other capacities, where one such listing may draw from a ‘catalogue’ of colors, the other Wuxing, yet another Trigrams:

9 Stars and colors

1 White (Yi Bai 一白)
2 Black (Er He 二黒)
3 Jade (San Bi 三碧)
4 Dark Green (Si Lu 四緑)
5 Yellow (Wu Huang 五黄)
6 White (Liu Bai 六白)
7 Red Qi (Chi 七赤)
8 White (Ba Bai 八白)
9 Purple (Jiu Zi 九紫)

9 Stars and Wuxing 五行

1 Water (Shui Xing 水星)
2 Earth (Tu Xing 土星)
3 Wood (Mu Xing 木星)
4 Wood (Mu Xing 木星)
5 Earth (Tu Xing 土星)
6 Metal (Jin Xing 金星)
7 Metal (Jin Xing 金星)
8 Earth (Tu Xing 土星)
9 Fire (Huo Xing 火星)

9 Stars and 8 Trigrams 八卦

Star 1 Abysmal (Kan 坎)
Star 2 Receptive (Kun 坤)
Star 3 Thunder (Zhen 震)
Star 4 Wind (Xun 巽)
Star 5 (no Trigram)
Star 6 Heaven (Qian乾)
Star 7 Marsh (Dui 兌)
Star 8 Mountain (Gen 艮)
Star 9 Fire (Li 離)

But let’s stick with just 9 Stars and Wuxing
9 Stars and Luoshu Wuxing Five Transformations news events - Heluo HillIn light of events forecasting through 9 Stars and Luoshu at least, we must reinstate 9 Stars 九星 in their original capacity and cancel such situation as where Wuxing 五行 had taken 9 Stars ‘hostage’.

As such, ‘Qi’ 氣 and ‘energy’ are not synonymous. Qi is the bigger bucket, while energy can be the smaller bucket. We can make a small bucket to fit into a bigger bucket, but it can be not accomplished the other way around.

9 Stars are ‘on duty’, Five Elements are on to performing a ‘job’.

9 Stars can be measured along expansion and contraction, Wuxing along waxing and waning.

Big Bang
9 Stars handle everything starting from the ‘Big Bang’, for lack of better wording, while Wuxing are to handle raising and falling temperatures, colors, shape, forms.

9 Stars derive their definition and mandate directly from Heliocentrism, while Five Elements are within the domain of Geocentrism, or even Egocentrism.

These may seem just subtle differences, but it is imperative to see that 9 Stars have not seen the likes of Wuxing.

In order for the universe to handle reality or to give (in)tangible phenomena their 9 Stars archetype, Wuxing are not consulted.

Not to get into too technical detail, as we’ll have enough on our hands with just the topic alone, but just to set the subject, it is meaningful to once more note the Binary Model of Creation.

9 Star Ki - Chinese cosmology Wu Ji and Tai Ji - Heluo Hill

Let’s have that little neat symbol there at the top, that I found to portray the notion of 5 Yellow, here to signify One Infinite Universe (Wu Ji 無極 and Tai Ji 太極) which then differentiates into Great Yang 大陽 and Great Yin大阴.

Can you accept that this was all still in the realm of Great Force and Weak Force, the cradle of 9 Stars, so that at this point Wuxing have not come in?

There are at this point no directions, no manifested form, no colors, no ‘life cycle of a tree’ or the apparent Sun path, weather patterns, or seasons, no growth or decay. There’s here just only still Pattern.

Where 9 Stars live, there is not yet Wuxing or Wuxing cycles, as it is all still in the realm of cosmic energy only.

There is no connotation, no ‘good’ house or ‘harmful’ house, as in fact there’s not planets at this point.

There is but one Qi, and it can show by two distinct faces, while surely, we can come to further differentiation, so that at the soonest once in the realm of Four Images (Si Xian 四象), we may see Wuxing.

Energy is part of Qi, but Qi and energy are not synonymous.

Wuxing are so deeply rooted in Chinese metaphysics, and they are so widespread in all systems of application, that it is only understandable if you frown.

You’re not being asked to dismiss Wuxing, while if it is your wish to have nothing to come and blur the intimate relationship that you’re having between 9 Stars, Luoshu and real events:

  • Forever disconnect 9 Stars and Wuxing, at the very least if it means you need to gain an unrestrained vision onto real events.
  • Once Wuxing are out, what this will do is, you will no longer expect ‘favorable’ or ‘unfavorable’ events to come off 9 Stars.

We must be adamant, however, that full mandate where it comes to the instigation of real (news) events will be with 9 Stars alone, with Wuxing having no hand in affairs.

Check for yourself
You don't take anything from anyone. What’s so marvellous about 9 Ki Divination is, that we can say ‘Luoshu never lies’. On the subject of Five Elements, and while you stay close to the news, you may check to see if ‘supporting cycle is favorable’ holds true, so that you should expect ‘positive’ events to come from such Star combinations as 1-6 or 3-9. Then, check whether ‘controlling cycle is unbeneficial’ should lead to ‘negative’ events with such Star combinations as 4-6 or 9-7. Don’t let this take you another decade, as it would take just a handful of news events gathered by you in less than a week, for you to establish that there’s no such thing.

Wuxing remain within the own spectrum
If 9 Stars brought into relation with Wuxing Five Elements, this can only be a momentary association, done notionally so, in mind each time a certain purpose, and for as long as it serves the purpose.

If 9 Stars operate Wuxing, then certainly not will Wuxing operate 9 Stars.

Wuxing are a waxing and waning lot, to handle raising and falling temperatures, to give a notion on light and dark, color, that sort of thing, each time within the own spectrum.

Wuxing have shown great purpose, as Five Elements can be taken to illustrate the ‘natural cycle’ or the ‘life cycle of a tree’.

You will see that in 9 Stars and real events, Wuxing (cycles) are of no further concern.

To involve Wuxing Five Transformations, then establish a contraction between 9 Stars and Wuxing, could be done only momentarily.

9 Stars are the main players

9 Stars and Wuxing are not alike


Exercise Three
This exercise will draw from a section from a homework file as it was done for distance learning students in 9 Ki Divination.

It is to help you boost your skill, change your perception and your practice, as we’ll step into a straightforward example, while it is to reinstate both 9 Stars and Wuxing in their rightful place (red font and horizontal line to horizontal line):

Many of my students whom are teachers and professional consultants report that they had invested - to this respect more or less to no avail - decades of priceless energy and effort in their 9 Stars and Luoshu divination, to discover that they had been running around in circles and that the only thing they had to do in order to get their forecasting of news events done is to finally dispose of Wuxing in their 9 Ki work.

If you were to scrutinize Luoshu on a specific event and you would so much as link a certain Star to a certain Wuxing – then certainly if you were to even remotely adhere such Wuxing cycles as ‘supporting cycle’ or ‘controlling cycle’ onto the object or the event -, Luoshu will instantly clam up on you like an oyster, to never reveal its story.

One Star-one object, many Wuxing
If a manifested object is taken to resort under a certain specific Star in 9 Ki – for example Star 2 for ‘womb’ -, it means that it was taken for its then most prominent Trigram attribute.

Wuxing may involve in the object just the same, in different capacities perhaps, such as with regard to its color, shape, sound or temperature.

As such, the Star will not cancel Wuxing, but Wuxing – being of a completely different order – have no capacity to reach over to the domain of 9 Stars, to cast effect such that this would decide on the eventual 9 Ki archetype of that object.

While something may be taken to resort under one particular Star in 9 Ki, it can still embody more than one Wuxing aspect, each time pending color, shape, function, resemblance.

9 Stars operate objects and events, while Wuxing come to further flavor temperature, pressure.

Now, if you fetch pen and paper, then sketch a Luoshu, then take Star 6 to the 1 Water Luoshu Palace.

In the realm of still only 9 Stars and Trigram attributes, Star 6 can be taken to represents a motor vehicle, such as a car, a bus or a truck.

Now that we established that Star 6 can be taken to represent a car, we can highlight some aspect about the car, such as its color.

If it is a red car, this aspect may add some flavor of Wuxing Fire, while if we take the car for its Wuxing shape, a domed roof can add the flavor of Metal.

Shape and color, however, cannot overcome the 9 Ki archetype that the car really still represents: 6.

9 Star Ki predictions 0 - Heluo HillIf we follow news events, then each time as we locate Star 6 in the 1 Water Luoshu Palace for a year, month or day, we will see that cars plunge into depths.

Such a depth or 'fall into depth' may come to concern of a river, a ditch, a slope, a ravin. 

You will see that here, Wuxing is not involved, so that, if it was a red car to plunge into a depth, we didn’t locate Star 9 for the color red in the 1 Water Luoshu Palace.

9 Star Ki predictions I - Heluo HillIn other words, if we see a car to plunge into some depth – such as a river, a ditch or a ravine - and if this had to relate to 9 Ki, the car had taken such plunge due to its 9 Ki Star, then rather not due to its Wuxing color or shape.

What if then – we may ask - annual Star 6 for car is accompanied by monthly Star 9, e.g. in the Star combination 6-9. Is it then at least with this Star combination, that we can take it for a red9 car6, so that red cars tend to plunge into depths1?

9 Star Ki predictions II - Heluo HillNot quite, as here, Star 6 is Host, while Star 9 is Guest.

Not would Star 9 bring color to the scheme. If we take Star 9 for fuel, you may now quite literally see it reported in the news media that a fuel9 truck6 had plunged into a depth1.

To that respect and within here context, while Star 6 still taken for motorvehicle, Star 6 accompanied by Star 2 could bode a food truck.

Only now that you became an expert with regard to just 9 Stars and Trigrams, were you able to note the 9 Ki relevance that there is to such an event.

Had you zeroed in on those Wuxing properties usually linked to either Star 6 or Star 9, certainly would you have juggled with such Wuxing cycles as ‘supporting cycle’ or ‘controlling cycle’, and not would you have been able to forecast the event.

This is then also immediately why you will find 9 Ki Divination such an exhilarating adventure, because, now that you know all those 9 Stars and Trigram attributes, then knowing how to combine those attributes each time with Star combinations, you will quite literally see your television screen to turn into a moving Luoshu. It will be astounding – and you will be dumbfounded – to see in what ways 9 Ki Divination will change the perspective you have on reality.

Said differently, once taken to events forecasting and if we say ‘Star 1 Water’ or ‘Star 2 Earth’, that is one time ‘Water’ and one time ‘Earth’ too many.

We could also go by yet another contraction and say ‘3 Green’ or ‘7 Red’ – which is more Japanese convention -, while equally, that’s one time ‘Green’ and one time ‘Red’ too many.

To that respect, we could be gluing any alien magnitude onto 9 Stars from here to Jupiter and all the way back, and say ‘Star 1 hammer’ and ‘Star 2 screwdriver’, but it would be of no concern, of course.

No wonder, if then not we went back to saying just ‘Star 1’ and ‘Star 2’ - then still employed Wuxing -, we’d be soon hearing ‘Star 2 Earth controls Star 1 Water’.

Wuxing matter within the realm of wave-type progressions, and are in the realm of temperature, pressure, color, whereas 9 Stars govern electromagnetism, objects and real events, without any outside assistance required.

How to work with 9 Stars for events
All (in)tangible phenomena can be brought to resort under either one of 9 Stars. By this, everything has its many 9 Stars and Trigram attributes.

If we see Star 2, we may take this to ‘womb’, if we see Star 7, we may take this to ‘knife’. That is not a ‘healthy’ womb or a ‘sick’ womb, or a ‘good’ knife, or a ‘bad’ knife.

In this example, you just no more than see Star 2 and ‘womb’, or Star 7 and ‘knife’, while not you’ll say Star 2 Earth or Star 7 Metal.

This is, because once you did, you’ll be caught up once more in ‘supporting cycle’, while that’s your one way ticket into thinking ‘ah, supporting cycle, so must be auspicious’, then Luoshu will clam up instantly, as just you may check for yourself.

To have a ‘good’ event, a ‘bad’ event or a complete
non-event, is not with Wuxing, it is with 9 Stars entirely.

Example strengthening cycle
Supposing just anywhere in an annual- and monthly Luoshu we see the Star combination 7-6. Do we expect to open our news media on ‘positive’ events, now that Star 6 and Star 7 are both ‘Metal’, and relate as to the ‘strengthening cycle’ in Wuxing?

Flying Star Feng Shui Clashing Swords 81 Star combinations - Heluo Hill

Yes, we can have a positive event, as Star 6 Guest for ‘car’ can be here taking provisions to Star 7 Host for ‘bank’.

If still we take Star 7 for a financial institution, Star 6 can be an armed assault. It can be also someone to no more than park his car near a supermarket, or another compound where money gets to change hands. No Wuxing (cycles) in near sight.

Example supporting cycle
Supposing just anywhere in an annual- and monthly Luoshu we see the Star combination 2-7. Do we expect to open our newspaper on ‘positive’ events, now that Star 2 is Earth to come in support of Star 7 which is Metal? Because ‘Earth engenders Metal’?

If 9 Stars taken for just their Trigram attributes, Wuxing cycles are of no concern. If here Star 2 taken for school, Star 7 can denote funding. If Star 7 taken for knife, there may occur a school stabbing.

Same Star combination, elsewhere same city or on another continent, this Star combination may be good for ‘sword’ attack (Star 7) onto a ‘mob’ (Star 2). Or, if the 4 Wood Luoshu Palace taken for airplane and travel, a Star 7 native may go on a trip to pick up on studies.

Another example from the supporting cycle
We may take annual Star 1 to H2O, such as for a swimming pool. Star 1, if taken to ‘Water’ comes in support of Star 4 if Star 4 taken for ‘Wood’. If annual Star 1 accompanied by monthly Star 4, this could soon have us expect positive events.

Flying Star Feng Shui Star combination 1-4 unfaithful - Heluo Hill

If Star 4 taken to ‘children in the age group 0-12’, however, we may see many drownings to involve children, especially in the month of June, which we had only so noted in 1990, 1999, 2008 and again in 2017.

The Star combination 1-4 is notorious for torrential rains, hurricanes and typhoons.

If Star 4 taken for just ‘documents’, then a Star 1 native may receive a contract of sorts.

Example controlling cycle
Annual Star 7 may arrive the Li Palace for Star 9. To then associate Star 7 with ‘Metal’, and Star 9 with ‘Fire’ is right around the corner.

We say ‘Fire controls Metal’. Would you tell a Star 7 native to wear a yellow t-shirt, because yellow is an Earth color, and Earth may help overcome the ‘Fire’ control?

Flying Star Feng Shui Li Palace for Star 9 Fire - Heluo Hill

Our Star 7 native may enjoy the exposure to come with the Li Palace, and this may help in his networking, while the supposed ‘control’ may do wonders on his authority, competitiveness and name building.

Or, now that the Li Palace or Star 9 are good for excavations, we may see the unearthing of a sailing vessel, or utensils.

From 9 Ki derived annual- and monthly Stars are not to behave in ways as we would expect ‘Feng Shui’ Stars to behave.
Let’s sidestep into Chinese Feng Shui, more in particular Flying Star Feng Shui 風水飛星派 for a bit, as equally there we work with 9 Stars.

From 9 Ki derived annual- and monthly Stars do not answer to or rely on Mountain & Water, in that, from 9 Ki derived Stars are just Heaven Qi, alsways timely, and cannot be ‘blocked’ or ‘retained’.

Certainly if you are a practitioner of Flying Star Feng Shui, you’ll not only lay 9 Stars along the ruler of Wuxing, but you’ll furthermore assess 9 Stars from their being alternately ‘timely’ or ‘untimely’.

Here, only yet another layer comes over 9 Stars, as besides ‘supporting cycle is auspicious’ and ‘controlling cycle is unbeneficial’, it is now said ‘timely is auspicious’ and ‘untimely is inauspicious’.

If you see reason to classify 9 Stars as ‘timely’ or ‘untimely’, you are doing so for purpose only of house divination in Feng Shui, and only because here, 9 Stars are run through the San Yuan Jiu Yun 三元九运 (3 Cycles, 9 Periods) calendar, that says that an otherwise 180 years period can be further divided into nine 20-year Periods.

It is of utmost importance for your practice, to see that from 9 Ki derived annual- and monthly Stars are Heaven Qi, Yang, mobile, pure, indivisible and of course always timely.

That’s immediately the very reason why Star 2 in Fei Xing Feng Shui may be seen as ‘Star of Illness’ because it is proclaimed ‘untimely’ as per San Yuan Jiu Yun, while 9 Stars as such – away from Fei Xing Feng Shui - have never seen the likes of San Yuan Jiu Yun, and can be only always Heaven Qi and timely. From 9 Ki derived Star 2 and if it is to portray ‘womb’, or ‘student’, ‘mob’ or ‘zoo’, can be only just that, no connotation.

Yet, Fei Xing may have it that, even annual- and monthly Stars answer to the notion of timeliness, so that in seeing annual- or monthly Star 2 to arrive at the door, equally it may be deemed ‘sickness to arrive the house’.

This is where Fei Xing Feng Shui may come in with cures and remedies onto Stars in the Flying Star chart, but even those cures and treatments taken to annual- and monthly Stars.

Equally, 9 Stars may be associated with stars in the Big Dipper (Bei Dou 北斗), or with colors, while by that, 9 Stars didn’t become the stars in the Big Dipper, or those colors.

Once established the contraction between 9 Stars and Wuxing, it may be the greatest task to undo this. I’ve seen many to struggle with exactly this point.

Within context, you may see use for Wuxing, for the purpose.

It’s just that ‘Luoshu never lies’, and you will have only annual- and monthly Luoshu to show you that the scenario embedded in those 9 Stars will only willingly give you the story, if only you rid of Wuxing.

Look at it this way, if it helps.

  • 9 Stars are the main actors, each one of actors to alternately take on main role, each time with a new movie.
  • The movie director may each time grant another Star main role, the other Stars a supporting role.
  • The movie director may hire from several casting agencies, to call in ‘extras’ for their non-acting role, as one time he may hire from ‘Wuxing ltd’, another time from ’12 Stages of Life ltd’, another time from ‘Trigrams ltd’, another time from ‘colors Ltd’.
  • Once their job fulfilled, the extras will be laid off, not allowed to come near the dressing rooms of the main actors, and not being mentioned in the credits.

Something to that effect…

9 Stars and Wuxing 5 Elements correlation is not causation - Heluo Hill