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Heluo wishes to dearly thank all contributors.

General Comments


I have had some special mentors over the decades, including Heluo from the Netherlands, who taught me Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki secrets which no other teacher has in their tool kit.

Kartar Diamond - fengshuisolutions.net


“I feel that there is no other person out there who knows 9 Stars and the Ki as well as you.”

Andy - USA


Dear Heluo,

Every time I read or re-read one of your articles I get another depth of insight into the real world in which we live.

(Feng Shui master - Malaysia)

“My master could never even approach your level of eloquence or handling such nuanced descriptions. You've had a big impact on me Heluo.”

(One of our professional students - who is one of today’s most prominent authors and teachers - after having studied with her Chinese master for 20 years).


“You know a lot about life. Your services to the public are invaluable. Thanks for the time spent together. I treasure every moment we have discussed various issues without reservation.”

(Chinese master in Feng Shui & Bazi)


“Your class manual is a great master piece. It’s great logical thinking. Thank you for the guidance.”

(Feng Shui & Bazi master from Malaysia)


Your knowledge of The Ki is breathtaking. You must come to Japan.

(Our student who is a 9 Star Ki expert - Tokyo)


Your workbooks are more encyclopedia. It can be found nowhere and will keep me busy for the next 10 years!

Ralph Yap


Thank you for a message that contains more clear and valuable information than the total contents of 90% of the books on Feng Shui currently available on the market. Excellent. Scott


Dear Heluo,

I have never come across a master who takes so much pain to develop his student. Your work is going to take me a long long time to read, digest and implement. God bless you.

Nusserwan - India.


You are a teacher of teachers and a consultant to consultants.



…he is an excellent astrologer!! I believe he has a gift.

Valerie, El Paso Tx


I must say, on behalf of all those interested in real Feng Shui, that you are wonderful for sharing your knowledge and experience with the world. Many masters (not only those in FS) will not share their knowledge/wisdom with other people and become aloof and arrogant to those outside their own teachings - I am glad that you are not one of these.



Your care and generosity is most appreciated. You are a mentor to the deepest mean! Warm regards.



Thank you for bringing solid direction to a confused and desperate situation. May you and your family be blessed by your strong leadership.

(Colleague - USA)


Dear Heluo,

Great site!! Fabulous source of information. Thanks.

Dr. Rob


Yes, this is incredible information. Thank you.



ValHi master Heluo,

I remember September 10 at the lake in Canada.

You said “tomorrow, 2 big rockets will hit a city”.

Next morning we had 9/11.

I was impressed. Such predictions could save thousands of lives.

Thank you. Your friend from Los Angeles Val.

Oh, when earthquake will happen in LA?

(Feng Shui master Valeriy Biktashev)


“Others give us fish, you gave us the fishing rod”.

(Professional consultant).


I must confess that the richness of the knowledge you offer in your workbooks was unexpected to me (although you stated it quite clearly, but every teacher on the place is claiming that! I guess you are the one who doesn't lie).

The ancient cosmology chapter is so enlightening! Learning with your workbook is an existential experience in its own right.

Jerom Rajoely - France


Dear Heluo,

I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation:

"I've got more than I could see before meeting Heluo.

I see more after I met him. I get more from life afterwards...”

Thank you, my friend.

Vojko Kalan


I want tell you, that you are a really genuine treasure for „people of the West”. Thanks to you, so many rubbish which gets to us from Chinese teachers, can be ordinarily ignored.

Krystyna Grażyna Czajka-Bartosik - Poland


9 Ki Divination - personal and news events

My studies of 9 Ki Divination with Heluo Hill was the most amazing journey I have encountered in all my travels of Chinese Metaphysics.

Heluo ensures his students have a complete understanding of the subject being taught.  His knowledge goes above and beyond any expectations one could ever imagine. 

Once you find Heluo Hill, there is no more searching for the Perfect Master - he is, without a doubt – THE BEST.

I will pass this wonderful knowledge onto my Grandkids so they too, can experience the everlasting journey of 9 Ki Divination.

Thank you Heluo Hill.

Barb Smith - Canada


I have studied with Heluo in private sessions, and have gained important knowledge that has changed the way i look at life.

I studied Four Pillars of Destiny along with 9 Ki Divination, and loved every second of the class and the information provided.

It is nothing compared to what i have been reading online, or in books, and that is why i am looking forward to learning more with Heluo.

The information provided and the way it has been taught to me is very essential to the way i live my life now, and the way i percieve life.

I am looking forward to continuing other studies with Heluo and diving deeper into this knowledge and the layers of existence.

Thank you for everything you have shared with me.

Sahar Khatib – Lebanon


Heluo’s classes cover many subjects and wet your appetite to learn even more. The workbook is very extensive and provides study material for weeks or even months of study.

Heluo is very generous and takes good care of his students.

A nice class room, easy to reach from the international airport.

Very intimate setting, makes you feel like part of Heluo’s family.

Heluo’s compassion and devotion shine through all the time.

He leaves no question unanswered and he follows his structure while still being open to the spontaneous flow of the moment.

The workbook is terrific. It contains a treasure of information, carefully lay outed, written by a knowledgable person. Heluo is very knowledgable.

His devotion and enthusiasm easily infect his students. The materials offered live and in print are worth much more than charged.

Robert Schmitz - Germany


I have immersed in every sentence through each chapter in the 9 Ki Divination workbook.

Never-ever before, had I learnt metaphysics that explained scientifically in details for both new and old concepts.

My father is a Physics Associate Professor.

He used to deny my metaphysics' knowledge because the foundation is not clear.

Very first time as I introduced your workbook to him, he highly regarded it in sight of science.

An Phu


Flying Star Feng Shui

Dear Heluo,

I was honoured to be taught by you. You are the most experienced and knowledgeable teacher of Chinese Metaphysics out there, by far.

My study time with you cleared all the doubts and concerns I had until now.

You have a special gift in analysing and explaining difficult concepts in the most comprehensible way.

I’d recommend you in a heart beat to anyone interested in studying any of the Chinese Metaphysic classes you offer!

Thank You!

Natalia M.



Dear Heluo, I had great time in Heemstede, professionally and privately. I have learnt a lot, most of all that I have to rely on my thinking, not what others say. I consider you the best teacher I have ever met.

Professional consultant - Poland

I feel incredibly lucky and grateful to have taken Heluo Hill’s Flying Star Feng Shui.

After 18 years of full time professionally offering Xuan Kong Feng Shui, Heluo’s study completely changed both my professional and personal practices.

The Feng Shui knowledge offered is simply amazing and brings sense to ancient texts and methods with striking clarity.

This Feng Shui study changed my life and my practice; and filled gaps in my training I was completely unaware existed, as I see now what has not made sense to me after almost 16 years of learning from my master. I was not aware it was not making sense... until I see now what is making sense.

The information Heluo offers is personalized for each student and his online presence and guidance are palpable – you do not walk into this wisdom alone.

I found an exuberance and independence in thought, an encouragement and verification of both my intuitive and intellectual action; and a profound deepening of my awe and respect for authentic Feng Shui knowledge.

I truly cannot recommend this course enough. If you are serious about your studies and pledge to help your clients this course is excellent.

(One of our professional students, after having studied with her Chinese master for 16 years).



As I could not make it to your class in Brazil, I had friends who had and so I ended up in class in the Netherlands.

I knew that you would be talking about the ‘no difference’, but I thought “of course, because he is from the Northern Hemisphere”.

I have been practicing acupuncture, Feng Shui and Four Pillars for 15 years and our teachers had convinced us that the Qi on our Hemisphere works differently.

Then, you showed us how we had been looking into a certain direction wrongly, so the Primary Hexagrams and the earth orbit caught me off guard, and I can barely accept that I was not able to figure that out myself.

João Brasilia



Review on Heluo's workshops 9 Ki Divination and Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui, held in the city of Perm – Russian Federation

Heluo Hill Russia - 9 Ki Divination and Flying Star Feng Shui
Before the seminar I tried to study Feng Shui and Four Pillars of Destiny myself using books by (Heluo: names withheld) in our country in Russian. But it is necessary to communicate with a live master and if the master becomes too your teacher, this will raise the disciple to a qualitatively new level. Just this happened to me in Heluo's classes.

I reread the workbook again and again and each time I find new details and nuances that passed earlier by my perception. I investigated with great pleasure the Binary Model of the Universe and the Chinese Cosmogony. Now after this workshop I look in other way on the earlier written books by (Heluo: names withheld). I see their contradictions and reticences.

I learned the essence that "organs produce emotions" and that "the best school for the Feng Shui specialist is practice".

The main impression from the workshop I could express with one phrase: "Wonderful! But why so little, we need workshops regularly! At least once a half year or year.

Alexander Chirkov - Perm, Russian Federation


I would highly recommend Heluo's classes. He has great knowledge and is a good teacher.

The explanations he gives go into a huge amount of detail and he makes sure that each and every student understands every concept he teaches.

By comparison to other teachers the class fee is very cheap for what is taught.

Workbook, performance and  knowledge of the teacher excellent.

Vicky Moane - Sharjah-UAE



The workbook is a treasure! Every new reading of the vast amount of information reveals new things! Well done!

The curriculum offered way exceeds the class fee.

I would give a 10 for performance and knowledge to  express my gratefulness and admiration for this, but as this would imply perfection I refrain from it.

But I can only hope to once also possess this knowledge and be aware of the Cosmic Connection!

If you want to deepen your knowledge of Feng Shui to a cosmological level, and be amazed and filled with awe for Oriental Metaphysics: go for it! Thanks again Heluo!

Herman van Roey - Antwerp


MAN, Heluo, you are a serious one... thank you for being here for us!

Your skill at darting to the target, be it in articles or lists, etc. is by now known & praised worldwide.

The profound learning starts now, through reading the workbook (I find it hard to believe that you
covered - we listened to - so much material in those 4 days).

Tom Ilio - Israel


Superb, I have no words to say it in another way. Lessons – their form and curriculum – excellent. Nice atmosphere. Rather American way of teaching.

This is also the way of teaching of the best teachers in Universities in Canada. Such lesson is pleasure for listeners.

Heluo has good elocution and good voice.

I am too much beginner to evaluate that, but intuitively I feel the teacher is of the highest level and real class.

Presentation and personality of Heluo make the lessons pleasure for listeners.

I have never seen better workbook. It will serve me long years.

I attended that course for learning Feng Shui and also for an inspiration for my scientific work in the field of psychology. I discovered completely new, exciting world of knowledge on the level which I never had any idea about.

Very good price and it attracted me. I don’t regret. Rather my friends who didn’t attend – they regret after I told them how it was!

Owczarek Maria - Canada


Heluo Hill 9 Star Ki Divination - Rotterdam NederlandMy experience is from an absolute beginners point of view, so everything that was shown to me was completely new.

It is absolutely fascinating and revealing.

Heluo is a very passionate teacher who is capable of transmitting knowledge and explanation on the subject of Classical Chinese Feng Shui.

It is obvious that Heluo has a lot of knowledge and is extremely enthusiastic. I can't give evaluation since I don't have comparison.

I find it all very intensive and even overwhelming but I know that after these four days all the knowledge that I picked up will settle. I therefore recommend this course to everybody who is interested or even has a slight interest. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

Monique Wallast - Netherlands


Very Good; you are a perfectionist and want to explain everything, almost impossible.

Eveline - France


I am for long time excited with new knowledge shared by Heluo. Wonderful teacher can have only wonderful lessons.

His articles give already quite new view of Feng Shui, the way of putting in order our knowledge. I was impatiently waiting for the classes.

Now – after the course – I must say it was worth. I was given answers for many questions. I got understood many principles, I got new knowledge. Suddenly all became more clear and understandable. It gives me more certainty during the consultation.

The way of sharing knowledge by Heluo is great. The knowledge is shared very attractively and intriguingly.

Quite new view of some Feng Shui aspects is fascinating for me. I can also think in new way now and it is an adventure for me.

The most important is however that I was given the tools, which make me able to work autonomously, researching in Feng Shui, draw my own conclusions and analizing.

My impressions after course? Fascinating!

Grazyna Czajka Bartosik


Tremendous knowledge and I have an impression that Heluo very willingly shares it with us, nothing leaving for himself.

Not all Masters do like that.

Grzybowski Andrzej - Poland


It was a meeting with remarkable personality who has level of knowledge high exceeding our possibilities to evaluate. But Heluo’s manner and contact teacher-student make easy to understand tremendous amount of knowledge. Uncomparable to other courses, I mean so much knowledge! All questions were answered.

Paniuticz Arkadiusz - Poland


Lessons were exciting, very ‘energetic’, positive and they gave me much new knowledge about Feng Shui.

Kasprzyca Patrycja


Great course, learned a lot, at least someone who tells you all the real ‘origins’ of Feng Shui. For absolute beginners it may be intensive.

Nicky Beentjes


Workbook constructed clear and comprehensible. It will serve for very long time indeed. It helps in independent work.

I trust him. I appreciate frankness, sincerity and engagement.

He has tremendous knowledge and can be an inspiration for further learning and research. I appreciate the way of sharing knowledge very much.

Jeziorska-Klimek Jolanta


Heluo – Master of Feng Shui - taught class in Poland for 4 days. For over a year which preceded the class we kept contact with the Master, through a forum. This magnificent man gave our Polish group more your time and energy.

He gave us some materials which enabled us to study on our own, he was always ready to help us also.

There was something new, something that interested me and has changed my point of view on Feng Shui and everything else, which can be connected with it.

I've been studying Feng Shui for about 10 years and this made a big difference to me.

Heluo gave us information in a very splendidly easy, and clear way. I could look at Feng Shui from a different point of view, from a viewpoint of the explorer, or scholar.

It was amazing, fascinating, because I could go on a journey, where all elements started to fit to each other.

But why am I writing about it?

Now, everywhere in the world we meet with many teachers and masters of Feng Shui. Each of them teaches in a different way, not only because they are representatives of different schools, but also because they present certain things in a different way.

It can cause a big disorientation and we don't know where it comes from.

We have a lot of problems: which teaching applies in our practice, what is true?. But the worst is that we often don't know who's right and where we can find the answer.

In my journey through Feng Shui I met a lot of teachers and each of them taught me a lot, I respect them and appreciate that they shared their knowledge with me.

That's why I don't judge anything, but it is my aim to show everything that is really valuable in Heluo's teaching and absolutely worthy to talk about.

His teaching is different from teaching of other great teachers and masters and of course it can be a supplement for knowledge which we had already gathered, but there is something more.

I've been thinking what could it be? It's obvious that Chinese teachers pass this knowledge in a different way than teachers from the West, but there is something more.

Heluo’s Feng Shui Class was announced as a one-module whole, plus a thick workbook, which is a supplement for the material passed on verbally. Studying this book is a work of several months. Knowledge which is passed on verbally is not copying and going through the book. This two parts are two half’s of one big whole.

Before class started, I had known what is the contents of that workbook and I was wondering how Heluo will make it, because it seemed impossible to read all materials from that book in such a short period of time (4 days).

But impossible became possible... and it surpassed all my expectations.

The class with Heluo had, at least, three levels for me:

Level connected with regular knowledge passed on by Master, level where understanding of rules in Feng Shui took place.

And level, which wasn't written or said, but it existed.

I can tell for sure, that this class has changed my point of view on Feng Shui. Now I can see this wider and deeper.

My way of learning has changed too. Now it is studying, searching for the answer and analyzing, not only acquiring rules.

A lot of questions have found their answers. The value of this class increased for me with every single day.

Yes, it’s absolutely true - Heluo is able to pass on an huge, incredibly huge knowledge in force, during only a few days.

He can change a passive participant of the class into an explorer and a discoverer. This is the most valuable!

Alongside the knowledge which he gave to us, the way he explains is very interesting and so different from what I had experienced till now. I don’t know what is the phenomenon behind that kind of teaching, but this course was and still is a specific pearl in my journey through Feng Shui.

I can tell you one more thing - it doesn’t matter when I’ll get to the last page of the workbook and it doesn’t matter how many times I’ll study it. Important is how beautifully I can now follow and visit a new unknown territory of Feng Shui knowledge. You can feel that all limitations have stopped existing. Then, 4-day course with Heluo passed like one day...

I received additional, quite new “tools”. We often get “fish” and I got “fishing-rod”. And now, I can fish on my own, I can put a different measure to my analyses or study over Feng Shui. I’ve become more self-contained. Heluo showed me the rule and where it comes from. I can feel that I received a boat which I can sail, sail wherever I want!

I can also change my life and life of my great clients.

As a matter of fact, I can’t turn into words my thankfulness to Heluo for everything he gave us.

For me the course is a big step forward in understanding Feng Shui.

It will be a great honour for me, if someone after reading my words will decide to take part in a study with Heluo, and thus, will decide to take part in a journey through time and space, through new levels of Feng Shui knowledge and become an explorer without any limitations. Thank you for everything!



I would like to refer to you a few remarks I have regarding the Dutch Feng Shui teacher Heluo Hill. These remarks have been confirmed and strengthened whilst reading the handbook, which is constantly being updated and developed – as the author himself stated.

It is a rare occasion that we have the possibility to meet a teacher like Heluo in these times of commercialism. His teachings are undoubtedly filled with strong ideas that he truly wants to realize in different corners of the world.

My colleagues who also attended the seminar have told mostly everything that needs to be said about that event in the descriptions they have published. Not much can be added without being redundant. I would like to draw your attention to one thing though.

The ackowledgement of the fact that my participation in the course was not purely an accident was very valuable to me. Through Heluo’s teachings the student gradually grows spiritually and emotionally, and matures to take responsibility for the actions and behaviours he takes on now and in the future.

He can no longer mechanically copy what he’s heard, seen and read because if he did so he would be in conflict with the ideas that Heluo promotes, idea which allows for development and deep understanding of Feng Shui.

In his class, Heluo teaches how to understand and experience the Qi which surrounds us. He encourages his students to observe Qi and the way it eminates from people, their actions and situations they experience all throughout their lives. During our meeting in May he repeatedly encouraged us to individually examine and judge the many ideas and theses that are popular today and often quoted in publications.

What was quite new for me, and I believe for most of the participants, was Heluo’s appeal to stop repeating any analogies when practicing Feng Shui.

They were developing in the past to simply explain the functionality of the universe to the masses. Heluo is a teacher who expects his students to educate themselves through definitions, facts, and not legends, myths or analogies. What is not logical and scientific cannot be the actual, classic teaching of Feng Shui.

The course is not only a Feng Shui seminar, it is also study of the complexity of issues connected with life of an idividual and of each situation that can occur in the universe.

There is a thesis, which says that everyone meets such a teacher that he needs in the particular moment. This thought has a lot of depth to it. Some of us already are, some will become in the future engulfed in the studies inspired by the exceptional man that Heluo is. This is important and promising that thanks to him we have the chance to penertate the wisdom of the great Chinese thinkers.

I think that teaching is Heluo’s way to improve the situation and the fate of all of us - his, ours, and those close to us, friends and all the people we might in the future console. This is a great enterprise and it is worth to join in.

All that is left to say is to wish everyone and myself persistance, courage and honesty in learning and practicing Feng Shui.

Jagoda Kowalik - Warszawa


I am from Poland, where it is very difficult to find good books about Feng Shui and good, responsible teachers of that subject. We have real entanglement of serious Feng Shui with some superstitions here.

I had attended two courses with others here in Poland and I have read almost 40 books about Feng Shui as well.

But as I see it now, nothing compares to lessons given by Heluo Hill.

It would be difficult for me to say which aspect of his course is the most interesting or meaningful. Class curriculum? Price? One-module fashion? Heluo as a person maybe? His way of teaching? The atmosphere? Well, comes only one answer: that all together is the best thing I have met! Yes, indeed!

Don't you believe me? I will tell you why I find Heluo's courses especially valuable and worthy of the price.

If it concerns the covered material, I have never seen so much for that price. When I see the curriculum of another Master's courses, Heluo's single class covers usually three or four of their modules. All in one extensive, but clearly and logical given course. Well, you needn't travel several times to get more advanced techniques and - as we call them - "all these secrets" :o)

Heluo personally - I would need a big sea of words to describe that guy!

He doesn't teach you in a normal, boring style.

He just captures you and he takes you on a  great journey through Time and Space!  Since I crossed the classroom's threshold and got my eyes wide opened, I kept asking myself if it really has been happening or was it some beautiful dream.

I have never met any teacher who could explain very difficult and sophisticated subjects in such a logical - and full of sound reasoning - way.

Heluo promises that through his lessons people become independent in their later studies and that they’ll reach autonomy.

That is all true, he has shown me the way and he has provided me with hints. Now I wouldn't lose my way so easy, as it could happen before the course...

He says he is a teacher. I say - Heluo is not only a teacher.

He is also like a beloved father, never forgetting about us, his students.

He not only teaches us, he gives us a part of his energy, his experience and patience, his responsible way of taking care of the beginners (he takes care of all his students, but especially beginners are the light in his eyes!).

So much for the price, that's it! It's a must!

Malgorzata - Poland


Four Pillars of Destiny

It is a shining memory thinking back to the three years of intensive study with Heluo.

His quite unique approach to the matter is really empowering: with down-to-earth sanity, it cuts through even centuries old fabrications, solidified myths and luring symbols.

He shows and presents the tradition and science of the sages as they were originally intended to be.

As our emails went back and forth, the homework material was growing to a size quite matching with the workbooks and there were no air talks, every word and sentence had its meaningful message.

Vast array of topics we discussed besides the main courses: macrobiotics, bushido, transactional analysis, physiognomy, life coaching etc.

All the courses are interrelated and they were working with my whole being, so they were much more than just simply theories and methods composed by neat words.

I heartfully recommend openness and honesty during his courses and you can reach higher (or deeper) realms than you ever imagined and still you will have stable feet on the ground.

Simon Hornyánszky – Hungary (Private student, having completed our full study program).


Workbook is very good! Lots of knowledge, clear explanation, very willing to teach and share.

I again enjoyed Heluo’s class very much. Integrating science, philosophy and metaphysics, the teacher is able to keep you alert and hungry for more for the full four days.

Anneke Kruit


I think Heluo’s skills are very high and he loves to teach and share what he knows.

The teaching of Heluo integrates a wholistic approach to cosmos & destiny from the eye of metaphysics and science.

Cristina Mestres - Spain


I regret I have not joined the class before. Both teacher and participants were sublime.

Denise Janssen - Amsterdam


Nine Star Ki Astrology

This course change life!

Line de Paep - Belgium


Your real enthusiasm and pointing out connections to deeper levels, cosmic levels, are thrilling and absolutely stimulating, not to mention your independence and autonomy in these matters which I appreciate enormously!

I am glad you ask a bigger fee than last year, because you do bring quality! Also, I am glad at this level I can still afford it!

Enthralling, stimulating in a very intense and joyful, open-minded way, and leaving you frustrated when class is over because it's over...

Herman van Roey - Antwerp


Wow, if you want to become a good teacher, you need to have taken this class.

Marco Elshof - Nederland


Even if I’m in Nine Star Ki study for 9 years, this teaching brought my knowledge on higher level & deeper understanding which broadens my view.

Vojko Kalan - Slovenia