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Feng Shui audits

9 Ki Divination 12 or 24 months ahead

Four Pillars of Destiny life reading

Nine Star Ki Astrology life reading

Personal trainer – existential coach

Corporate services

Besides teaching our study program, we are available for your Feng Shui audit, life readings and divination.

We work one-on-one, never from computer generated materials and our approach is distinctly systematic, practical, logical and just down to earth.

You can contact me by email with your queries, so that we can arrange for a brief complementary Skype meeting (GMT+1), and so that we can give you the requirements that are needed to doing our preliminary work, and you can ask your questions. A typical such preliminary meeting in Skype may take an hour or so.

If we work online, consultations and life readings will provide you with a written report in pdf, while your interactive session will be done through Skype.

Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui
Whether for your existing house or corporate building, or if you are looking to select a good location, we’re here to help.

  • On-site or off-site Feng Shui consultation.
  • Residential and commercial properties.
  • House hunting, selection of vacant land.
  • Precise requirements upon your request.
  • Pdf file with descriptions, Skype session 2-3 hours.

Personal month by month 9 Star Ki Divination
By far our most popular service. If you like to hear what’s laying ahead, then how (not) to act, you may rely on 9 Ki Divination to let 9 Stars and Luoshu ‘do the talking’.

Given your personal or professional situation, 9 Stars and Luoshu can become pretty specific as to your do’s and don’ts, when to advance, when to postpone, how to respond to events.

  • Personal 9 Ki Divination month by month, 12 months ahead.
  • Alternatively, if so required, forecasting 24 months ahead.
  • You may ask about any project or upcoming initiative.
  • Pdf file with descriptions, intensive Skype session 3-5 hours.
  • Small surcharge in case of one additional person (spouse or child).

Life reading Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi
Horoscope and life reading into your character, talents, inner drive and motive, prospects, health and fate progression.

Destiny analysis through Chinese astrology.

  • Pdf file with descriptions.
  • Skype session 3-5 hours.
  • Small surcharge in case of one additional person (spouse or child).

Life Reading Nine Star Ki astrology
We will involve personality, character, temperament, motive, inner drive, behavior, health, talents, relationships, compatibility, career and overall fate progression. Ask us your special question.

  • Pdf file with descriptions.
  • Skype session 2-3 hours.
  • Small surcharge in case of one additional person (spouse or child).

Course Guidance existential counseling
As we are here for you to help improve your situation, we rely on more than just ‘Feng Shui’, or ‘Bazi’, or ‘9 Ki’.

In fact, systems of application should as such never take in central position, as at the end of the day, these can act as mere tools.

Everything done in your name, then your session duly prepared, we care to help you (re)gain ‘forward progressive movement’ and ‘momentum’ in whatever you pursuit.

Heluo has been a personal trainer and existential coach since 1979. Should you find yourself or a person in the house obstructed by dire tribulations and with a string of approaches having failed thus far, you may contact Heluo.

We can be doing your existential counseling, which is largely to bypass using the term ‘therapy’.

  • Incidental Skype session 2-3 hours, Euro 68,00.
  • Extended sessions, to be negotiated.

Personal trainer
This option does not limit to a certain ‘system’, as it surpasses what will be required during a Feng Shui audit or a life reading.

Heluo Hill - audits and life readings personal trainerWith regard to existential counseling or personal coaching in any shape or form, Heluo works from his own developed “Art of True Spirit” (Zheng Shen Dao 正神道), which is based in a far-reaching discovery that he was able to make at the age of 10. He developed his therapeutic approach Course Guidance, which comes as a comprehensive and involved support.

This service can be done through Skype, or in our consultation room in The Netherlands. Heluo will travel in emergency situations.

Some of the specialisms involved in Course Guidance, outside the scope of this page’s services:

Transactional analysis – martial arts strategy – Bushido – business strategy – corporate management – ‘cell memory’ – epigenetics – food and diet – marriage counseling – belief system – depression – hard drugs addiction – suicidal tribulations – psychosis – demonic possession – parasitic behavior.

In given cases if applicable, we will refer you to other professionals for further support and to help you improve your situation.

Corporate Services

Our corporate clients like it that we do not just understand our ‘Feng Shui, 9 Ki or Bazi’, but that we have a pronounced understanding of business strategy, corporate objectives and sales.

Heluo has worked for many companies, not just to improve what ‘business’ there can be directly manipulated, but to work in the domain commonly known as ‘corporate risk’.

In a funny way, whatever is regarded a factor that could not be immediately manipulated, might soon be brought to resort under the notion of ‘corporate risk’.

In fact, it is widely accepted that a certain reduction in revenues, a certain outflow of customers, sickness leave should be mainly due to ‘market’, the ‘unknown’, therefore ‘part of the game’.

However, once we know how to ‘massage’ this domain by the hand of 9 Stars and Luoshu, Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, the greater part of this risk can be brought under our sphere of influence, which may be at times a matter only of knowing the right timing, or how to assemble the right people in your team.

Heluo offers his expertise to bring the ‘unknown’ in your enterprise under your sphere of influence.

One of the land mark factors in teaching or counseling is confidentiality, of which we provide the highest attainable.

Even though many websites like to list their celebrity or corporate clients, I insist on keeping all my clients confidential, as I do with everything else I engage in.

I know that it would be tremendously advantageous if we gave a round up of our clients.

However, VIPs, CEOs, companies and celebrities and others who have a name to lose, value their privacy above everything else.

Even though I once acted as personal trainer to my billionaire client in Russia, which required me to live in his house for 6 days, it is only obvious why you wouldn’t find his name mentioned here.

I once closely worked as a personal life coach to a leader of a world religion, who’d be equally not amused to seeing his name end up here.

As an existential coach, I had 2 psychiatrists in counseling, one of whom then took our advise that perhaps best he would discontinue his practice and go for some other trade.

I take a lot of names and secrets to my grave, and I consider the trust invested in me a great honor, and as something that I value over the ‘exposure’ that I would reap for my school and counseling practice if I were to announce.

  • Direct contact with CEO.
  • Training of your team.
  • Recruitment of personnel.
  • Selection of your (negotiation) team.
  • Date selection for important activities.
  • Reduction of sickness rate.
  • Optimize working environment.
  • Work in the domain of so-called ‘company risk’.
  • Logo and house style, business strategies.

Request for our separate corporate strategy prospectus (available for registered and verified companies only).

How (not) to contact us
Now that you had landed on our Services page, this is not the same as where you would come in to study, so that I would like to inform you accordingly.

As a school, it is easy to give class dates and details in advance. As a result, if you like to hop on a training with us, it is simple to enroll, as just you may send us an email.

It is different once you ask us to do your Feng Shui audit or life reading. As we fully devote to each client, we like to duly prepare for any personal service that you’ll ask us to do.

Given our one-on-one involvement and your special situation, we ask that you are elaborate in your descriptions right as you contact us the first time, initially through email.

If anyone were to mention just an interest in a reading, or if we receive a one-liner email requesting for just a quote (with otherwise no salutation, no signature and swiftly ‘sent from my iPhone’ while in a metro), this would easily have us sit with our hands in the air for 10 minutes, thinking ‘ok, how to respond to this?’

Pun intended, but yes, at times, I just don’t seem to be able to respond to certain incoming queries, while, as it is, such contacts often tend to culminate in a long string of unclear emails.

Instead, you may feel invited to give us your elaborate description, as in fact, the more elaborate you are, the more I can be of support to you. Tell me your training history in Chinese metaphysics if applicable, your question, your personal and professional situation, your objectives, so that we can devote to your question right away and so that we can come back to you in a meaningful way.

If you were to enroll in a study, again, this may be achieved through just email, while, if you wish for a Feng Shui audit, a life reading or existential coaching, we need to ensure that actually everything closely revolves around your specific situation, so that we will always meet through email to set a good time for a voice call in Skype.

About Heluo
Before anything, Heluo has been a teacher, life counselor and personal trainer since 1979, who draws from a wide palette of both conventional and metaphysical techniques to help counter existential issues.

A person is a ‘person’, while in our estimation a corporation is a ‘living entity’ just as much, for lack of better phrasing, if it means that a business comes ‘under Qi patterns’ just the same.

We support you with the help of – then not limited to – those ‘specialisms’ as mentioned on this page.

You may come in for 9 Ki Divination, while then we may talk about your diet and food intake, because that’s maybe where the issue – the ‘causative factor’ – might come out to be.

You come in for a Feng Shui audit, we would not overlook that you had an issue that should be addressed from another discipline, such as Bazi, or even psychology.

As a personal trainer, Heluo will travel to audit, to do your life reading or to teach class in your country on invitation.

Besides authentic reports, we get to redo horoscopes done earlier by others.

This is also where we meet clients that had been upset by tone and predictions done by their former consultant (it is amazing to see what consultants feel at liberty of telling their clients, but also what clients seem to accept).

One of our contacts from Asia was being told that, if he were to marry the girl that he loved against his parents’ consent, then his own Four Pillars of Destiny birth chart showed that his mother in law would fall ill from cancer of such and such organ in such and such year. To pull this trick on him, his parents had hired ‘masters’ who were willing to state this. He eventually broke up with the girl, for fear of being disinherited by his family.

It is clear that all systems of Oriental metaphysics had been found by ancient scholars, who had been astronomers, mathematicians and physicists, saying, we’d have our hands full with already just the sheer technique, so that we can do without the myth, apprehension and anxiety.

Outside I would always advice you to become your own counselor and to just learn the arts yourself, but if at this time you see reason to come in for a serious life reading, you may always contact me.