One of 9 Stars and 8 Trigrams? 5 Yellow – aka Star 5 – focus of attention

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5 Elements not a player in 9 Stars forecasting of real events

We will look at Star 5 (aka 5 Yellow – Wu  Huang 五黃) and share some further considerations as to Magic Square versus Luoshu 洛書.

If we forecast real (news) events by the hand of 9 Stars and Luoshu, we want our divination to be effective and for 9 Stars and Luoshu to ‘deliver what they preach’.

Each time as we sit with annual- and monthly Luoshu for purpose of forecasting real events, we want to see those Star configurations reflected by the news progressions.

Therefore, we will not forget to reassess Wuxing Five Transformations, as actually, we need to decide if or to what extent – at least where it comes to our forecasting of real events – the contraction 9 Stars + Wuxing was meaningful, or if at all Wuxing be having a hand in affairs.

Probably least understood as a Principle, it is commonly stated that Star 5 is neither Star (Xing 星), nor Trigram (Gua 卦).

However, once as seen in descending sequence within 9 Stars 九星, 5 Yellow will be as much a Star of course, as Star 6 to precede it, or as Star 4 to come after it.

Therefore, as you scroll to the far end of this article, you’ll see that we can be as specific about personal character traits for a Star 5 native, as we may adhere Star 5 attributes to the phenomena and see events and objects related to Star 5.

As indeed, 5 Yellow does not assume a Trigram, I still came up with a proposal, so that we can give it an emblem. I’ll explain how we can justify to adopt this very image.

5 Yellow aka Star 5 Earth - Heluo Hill
Star 5 – or erroneously still #5 -, is in use for such 9 Stars and Luoshu application systems as:

9 Star Ki Divination 九宮占卜
Flying Star Feng Shui 風水飛星派
Nine Star Ki Astrology 九星命理

Please forever distinguish between 9 Ki Divination to forecast personal life progression and real (news) events,
and the more popularly known Nine Star Ki Astrology for personality, character, talents, health and compatibility.

However, once transcended the domain of 9 Stars, 5 Yellow is moreover a Principle.

Once with ancient scholars – mostly astronomers – having divided the universe into 8 Trigrams, they had 5 Yellow distinguished as overall Principle, hence: 8 Trigrams + Principle of 5 Yellow = 9 Stars.

If 5 Yellow wasn’t to represent a Trigram, then what does it bode?

As 9 Stars and Luoshu adepts, we need to know, because we’ll be ceaselessly working with 5 Yellow, no matter if engaged in Flying Star Feng Shui, 9 Star Ki Divination or Nine Star Ki Astrology.

To know 5 Yellow is to know 9 Stars
All tangible and intangible phenomena can be brought to resort under either one of 8 Trigrams (refer to Shuo Gua Zhuan 說卦傳).

As cosmological, 5 Yellow can be taken to depict electromagnetism and gravity, it is to portray much more than one of 9 Stars:

  • Everything originates from and returns to 5 Yellow.
  • 5 Yellow as instigator of pole reversal.
  • 5 Yellow is each time your focus of attention.

We said “to know 5 Yellow, is to know 9 Stars”, while we can also say “whomever then owns 5 Yellow, owns the power”, which would come in handy if you were the emperor, then letting your people on to think that 5 Yellow was the energy to be dreaded most, while – with now everyone shivering – you’ll be reaping all of the benefit.

Focus of attention
5 Yellow is our focus of attention across any spectrum – within any in itself enclosed circuit – said differently, 5 Yellow lives wherever in a certain range you momentarily anchor ‘point zero’.

Of, if 5 Yellow were a train, we could let it stop at any railway station.

It’s subtle, and to position the subject, we have to first appreciate that 5 Yellow – and much against popular believe – is not (at) the ‘center’ per se, either if it means that we were to project a central unit in Luoshu to let Star 5 ‘sit there’, or if we were to adhere the notion of ‘Earth’ to Star 5.

To concern of 5 Yellow, we may – and we need to – reach far beyond this type of classifications.

If still to you, Luoshu is a ‘Magic Square’, you may wish to read 9 Stars: Luoshu energetics, or Magic Square arithmetics.

Rather, if while overlooking the spectrum of for example ‘temperature’, our focus of attention is 0 degrees, then that is 5 Yellow. If we stay within same range, then shift focus of attention to minus 10 degrees, then momentarily, that becomes 5 Yellow.

This is because everything in our universe can be reduced to electromagnetism and gravity and 5 Yellow is then all that, as furthermore, it is the factor behind magnetic pole reversal.

Swirl out – swirl in
Everything (including to that respect the so-called Yi Jing family) comes as a ‘swirl out’ from, then ‘swirl back in to’ 5 Yellow, that is, everything exists – and simultaneously comes – under vast forces of expansion (centrifugal) and contraction (centripetal).

In the realm of 9 Stars for real events, Wuxing are out as a player
It’s only clear that we cannot dismiss Wuxing Five Elements, as these will be there for their own purpose.

Huai Nan Zi 淮南子: “Wuxing mutually love one another” and Wuxing will jointly set out to accomplish a common goal.

With that said, however, full mandate to initiate events is with 9 Stars, or said differently, if 9 Stars are the main actors, other ‘players’ may be momentarily and for the purpose hired as ‘extras’.

As a 9 Stars and Luoshu artist – certainly if you are a teacher or a professional consultant – it is imperative to appreciate that 9 Stars never get to ‘see’ Wuxing.

In fact, if you were to even remotely involve Wuxing in any of your forecasting of real events by the hand of 9 Stars, Luoshu would clam up like an oyster right then and there, and you’ll never get to see the story.

Any contraction 9 Stars + Wuxing will hinder divination for real (news) events.

To involve Wuxing Five Transformations, then establish a contraction between 9 Stars and Wuxing, could be done only momentarily.

This may be in friction somewhat with what we may have seen to concern of 9 Stars and Wuxing thus far.

Wuxing may have come between you and Luoshu, if it means you were forecasting real events by the hand of 9 Stars, then glued Wuxing (cycles) onto 9 Stars.

That is, once you read annual- and monthly Luoshu on real events, you want that your accuracy goes through the ceiling, whereas it may have been exactly Wuxing that would have kept you in a loop, from which there is no breaking free…, until you let go of the contraction 9 Stars + Wuxing in your divining for news events.

Domain or San Cai 三才
Back to 5 Yellow and despite it has no Trigram, I thought it justifiable if we adhered this image to 5 Yellow, for which there would seem good reason, now that 5 Yellow reigns over all domains.

The Chinese character for king is wáng 王. Because 5 Yellow governs everything there is to our electromagnetic universe, we may give it here emblem.

However, we couldn’t tell what 5 Yellow further pertains to, until after we decided domain under scrutiny. It’s all about time-action-space, or Heaven-Man-Earth.

5 Yellow aka Star 5 Earth Trigram Emblem - Heluo Hill
Tian Qi 天氣
Embodies apparent reality as seen from the perspective of our Solar system, and beyond. Xian Tian 先天 – acquired before birth –, or Former Heaven.

Egocentrism Ren Qi 人氣
Embodies apparent reality as seen from the perspective of humans – living tissue rather -, and it pertains to action, notably diet and food intake. Every organism is fully equipped for detection. Our ability to maintain in accord with ever changing environmental currents. Ren Qi 人氣 – organs produce emotions.

Geocentrism Di Qi 地氣
Embodies apparent reality as seen from the perspective of electromagnetism and gravitation here on earth. Hou Tian Gua 後天 – acquired after birth –, or Later Heaven.

5 Yellow aka Star 5 Earth Wǔ Huáng 五黃- Heluo Hill

Yin line and Yang line one and the same
We can also say that 5 Yellow owns the capacity to ‘switch on’, then ‘switch off’.

Feng Shui and 9 Star Ki - Yin and Yang opposites - Heluo HillOne such example is with the so-called Yang line (陽爻 and centripetal) and Yin Line (陰爻 and centrifugal). When asked ‘how many lines do we see?’, most would probably say ‘2 lines’.

That may be so, but we may also see depiction of any one single phenomenon, then the phenomenon one time captured at its ‘switch on’ momentum, another time captured at its ‘switch off’ momentum, then 5 Yellow at the base of this.

That takes care then also, finally, of the eternal ‘Yang is male’, ‘Yin is female’ (as if Yin and Yang had anything to do with biology, primordially), or ‘Yang is active’, as if Yin wouldn’t be as active.

As once more here, everything comes under instigation of 5 Yellow, then 5 Yellow present in everything, you would easily note how Yin and Yang can never be opposites, but to occur simultaneously in everything, then Yang not going anywhere without taking Yin at its side, vice versa.

Yin and Yang are not opposites

Aim to achieve the same task

Feng Shui and 9 Star Ki - Chinese cosmology Trigrams - Heluo Hill

However, Yang will be still widely seen as ‘active’, then Yin as ‘passive’, whereas surely, Yin at momentum just the same, it is just as active.

Yin and Yang aim to achieve a common goal in everything.

Central Star as decoy
As 9 Stars and Luoshu practitioners, we’d have been working from annual Luoshu. By the hand of Luoshu for a Star 3 year, let’s see one take as to how 5 Yellow comes in as factor behind pole reversal, here changing Yin Qi into Yang Qi.

Almost as an automation would we presume that such Star 3 Luoshu had come to account of Star 3 to appear at the central Luoshu Palace, as in:

Question: ‘why is this a Star 3 year?’

Answer: ‘because Star 3 is at the center’.

While rather, we may have such Luoshu instigated by 5 Yellow.

Feng Shui and 9 Star Ki - Magic Square annual Stars - Heluo HillRemember, it’s all electromagnetism, such that vast powers invested in 5 Yellow would ultimately change Yang into Yin and Yin into Yang.

As you look onto annual Luoshu, try not to zero in on the central Luoshu Palace.

Instead, note annual Star 5 in the Dui Palace for Star 7.

It is said that here, 5 Yellow enters earth atmosphere from out of Luoshu West to meet Star 7 of the Dui Palace and to fire up Star 7 (Yin) so much so, that it changes into opposite Star 3 (Yang), the resultant to end up at the (notional) ‘center’.

Swirl in – swirl out
As everything exists as a ‘swirl out’ from 5 Yellow – thereby expansion -, and ‘swirl back in to’ 5 Yellow – thereby contraction -, all that 9 Stars come under is either forces of expansion or contraction.

As such, Yin Stars may meet Yang Palaces and vice versa.

This is immediately then also, why we can do away with ‘such and such Star comes under such and such Wuxing’, therefore it were to ‘support’ or ‘control’ the other Star, which then should bode ‘good’ or ‘negative’ outcome”.

Actually, if you stay close to 9 Ki relevance in your news media, you will soon establish that 9 Stars and Wuxing 五行 could not be more perfectly unrelated.

Feng Shui and 9 Star Ki - Yin Yang expansion and contraction - Heluo HillIf Stars meet Stars, or if Stars reside in a certain Palace, it is not so much a matter of ‘support’ or ‘control’.

It is a matter of affinity, or a lack thereof.

A Star otherwise under forces of expansion, may ‘meet’ a Star or Palace, otherwise under forces of contraction.

If not you saw mutual understanding among Stars, this may not be to account of the Wuxing ‘controlling cycle’, but Stars not ‘at ease’ due to just lack of affinity.

In fact, as we saw 5 Yellow to govern the whole spectrum, Star 1 is as much a ‘swirl out’ from 5 Yellow, as Star 2. It’s just that we can stretch the range 1-9 along the entire spectrum, then pick any point to momentarily park 5 Yellow and take this as our focus of attention.

5 Yellow aka Star 5 Earth Galaxy and Solar System - Heluo Hill5 Yellow is and governs the entire range.

If seen across any spectrum of expansive and contractive forces, you’d so much as wish to focus at the center point, 5 Yellow becomes that.

If then you were to shift your focus of attention, equally 5 Yellow would move along.

By this, the notion of 5 Yellow becomes an adventure in itself, while the last word to concern of 5 Yellow has not been said.

Finally, let’s peak at some of 5 Yellow’s attributes for divination

5 Yellow (Wu Huang – 五黃)

Pancreas, digestive system.

Star 5 denotes construction related objects or events, compounds made of stone, brick, concrete, rock, such as (publicly accessible) buildings, bridges, tunnels, platforms.

Publicly accessible places, such as commuter station, city square, parking lot.

Boulder, cave, pit, basement.

Star 5 can bring out what was innate already, as it may release accumulated energy such as armed calamities and war, (ethnic) rioting, plundering and assaults. Army, armed factions, paramilitary group, guerilla combatants, rebel group, motorcycle club.

Ego-, ethnic-, minority- and/or race related conflicts.

Military occupation, armed conflict. Coup d’etat, martial law, curfew, state of emergency, ousted leadership, deportation, displacement, hinting towards failed leadership, but also ‘ownership’ as in merges, corporate takeover, government related, related to sovereignty.

May associate with marvelous events of immense proportion, whereas mostly seen as notorious, as notably within circles of Flying Star Feng Shui, it will be widely regarded ‘Star of disaster’, associated with mishap, accident, even death.

Weird events, sudden unexpected but critical events.

Judicial trials of enormous proportion.

Events go where 5 Yellow (gravity) goes.

Your personal Star and 5 Yellow
With your 9 Ki Star in the central Luoshu Palace, your Star to visit Star 5 or Star 5 to visit your Star in Luoshu, or if your Star appears from opposite Star 5 in Luoshu, while outcomes furthermore flavored by portents of other Stars involved:

With your Star in the central Luoshu Palace, this means that we will not be able to locate your Star into any of the eight 45 degrees magnetic directions. Your Star, therefore, may be prone to incoming events. Possible disorientation or trouble finding your inner ‘direction’ due to too many options. May feel drifting about, perhaps having lost inner ‘North’. Matters may improve around Autumn of the year, when you set course once more by dismissing most options. Take time out for yourself and don’t be afraid to denounce others’ ideas that you would not have any use for.

Be on the lookout whenever you encounter 5 Yellow in Luoshu, either when your Star visits Star 5 or Star 5 visits your Star. Also, mind whenever your Star appears from opposite Star 5 in Luoshu, or if you communicate with anyone whose Star relates to Star 5 in any way, especially if that person’s Star appears from opposite Star 5.

Star 5 may associate with unexpected events, so that, even though you would have carefully planned everything as just always you would, something may come to obstruct. You may experience delay, setback, or hindrance.

Star 5 may be like a dragon in the lake. You may never know when or in what mood it will wake up. It can bring magnificence, it may bode trouble.

Here, much relies also on your belief system, diet and food intake, if you’re dehydrated or food- or sleep deprived.

You may still proceed as usual, while you anticipate on unexpected and surprising events, delay or setback, then act accordingly. Perhaps nothing to even worry about, we are just only making sure so that you are aware of this influence.

Typically, if Star 5 visits your Star, any eventual problem may be imposed on you involuntary, as it may arrive from an outside influence. If your Star (Host) visits Star 5 (Guest), you may be the one to introduce the problem, perhaps as you involve others in the process and this may very well be entirely unintentional.

Whatever anyone may tell you, never under any circumstances should you dread Star 5, which would be not only counterproductive, there is no reason for anxiety.

If you are rested and you anticipate, if everything is in proportion, if due measures in place, you can learn to work with this Star, that is in fact just as problematic as it can be marvelous.

To this respect, you may remember that, everything in Nine Star Ki Astrology character, temperament and behavior and in 9 Ki Divination for real events and your personal do’s & don’ts, may be proportionate to your health and personal magnetism, your readiness towards ‘events’, then how you seek to explore and perform ‘Push Hands’ with the Stars.

Star 5 can bring immense autonomy and authority if you sign a peace pact and if you know how to handle it.

Neither one of 9 Stars may act on its own, as Stars may just bring out what was innate already. This will be particularly true for 5 Yellow. Star 5 may surface either noble, evil or anything in between. If you possess ‘emperor Qi’, this is what will be brought out from 5 Yellow.

If you study historical occurrences, you may find Star 5 to surface what was innate already. Inspired by 5 Yellow, humankind may produce both the greatest and most ultimate, as well as we have seen the grimiest of outcomes.

We cannot bring everything to account of 9 Stars, as 9 Stars largely bring out what lies innate.

Character of a Star 5 native
If you are born in 1932, 1941, 1950, 1959, 1968, 1977, 1986, 1995, 2004 or 2013, you may first see if here description suits you, to whatever proportion, as we say that Star 5 natives may at a considerably young age have gone through an inner revelation, but which may have come as quite a shock to them.

It may be that our young Star 5 native, senses an enormous power from within, that would let him or her change the world all single-handedly.

If we state it a bit extreme for the occasion, we tend to see two types of Star 5 natives.

Such initial surge of self-power, may be empowering, leading to a confident self. This type Star 5 native may step forward as a successful leader, an influential politician, an industrial, not easily knocked off his socks.

Such initial ‘sensation’ of the own ‘power’, can be however intimidating to such a point, that our Star 5 native will be left powerless, in the mean time weak and breaking from both his ankles with self-consciousness, in extreme cases.

This type may be artistic, more emotionally inclined, quite slender, sociable.

Either way, Star 5 natives seem to agree that, even if perhaps life and career otherwise so-so, they attract what they need.

Could be that I walk (as it happened once) outside with a Star 5 friend, while he’s seeing the same pile of rubble from further down the street as I am (not) seeing, whereas, while I’m just ‘moving on’ and not paying attention, my friend has this antenna, walks onto this pile, to pull out something of value.

Another Star 5 native goes on a trip to USA completely unprepared, while he’s carrying only his bicycle, his guitar and USD 100. He plays in the street, goes from city to city, ends up playing with artists of name and fame, not a single day without a bed or something to eat somewhere.

Another Star 5 native visits his uncle, and pulls out from a cupboard what I have been dearly saving up for: a 1960s Martin D28 guitar, but that no-one had been minding for 3 decades, but which was now – uncle utterly clueless about guitars, obviously – his to take.