How (not) we treat art and student

Settle for no less than flawless


Distance Learning
one-on-one 18 weeks
Read your printed workbook in topic of study in time of 10 weeks,
while you assemble it questions to be
handled in your personal study file, which will go back and forth between us all the time in the next 8 weeks. Everything handled in your name, additional teaching materials.

9 Star Ki Divination 九星占卜
Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi 八字算命
Nine Star Ki Astrology 九星命理

Studies complete in one gathering (we don’t teach in modules)
Each one of 3 topics of study that we teach can be done separately or in any order that you prefer.

Already a training history in Chinese metaphysics or your professional practice in full swing?

Or, are you at the beginning stages of your involvement in Chinese metaphysics, but you seek profound training straight away?

Either way, I would like to devote this page, so that you may see the distinctive approach that we keep to teaching.

As a serious practitioner, you can’t afford to commit any mistakes, certainly not if you work in name of others, perhaps your friends, students or clients.

You see, at the end of the day, Flying Star Feng Shui is never about houses, Four Pillars of Destiny never about birth charts, but you’ll be out to support people to achieve forward progressive movement in their life or to (re)gain momentum.

What’s more, with this as your sole target, you wouldn’t be amused to be shown a technique, while a decade later came out, it was erroneous. Why?

Well, as you practice in good faith, you just trust that everything that you had learned thus far is flawless.

Yet, as you sit with pen and paper, can you take a brief moment to see what decoys may dress up as genuine technique?

That’s what my initial teachers had inspired me to do from the outset, and what I’ve been doing over the last 4 decades, each time as I was presented new technique. Both as a person and as a teacher, I take great joy and pride in transmitting same to you.

Said differently, have you noted the from ‘scholar’ derived techniques, or what perhaps had been installed by the ‘emperor’?

Honestly? Not just with Hetu Yellow River Map or the Chinese Ming Gua system, we may have been unknowingly employing decoys through exactly those ‘most trusted’ and ‘least to come under suspicion’ techniques.

If you’re anything like me, you’d have at one point stepped into Oriental metaphysics ‘to get some answers’. At least, I know I did, in 1973.

Where I come from, however (YMMV), I’ll first demand that a system is effective, that it ‘puts its money where its mouth is’, so that it simply delivers what it preaches, and no bargaining on that.

We first thoroughly handle formal teaching, then help debunk decoys
As just you come with me for some brief moments, I’ll take you through the ‘crux’ of our school’s approach in how we transmit metaphysics and how (not) we treat art and student.

We’re a school, so rest assured that we teach every topic formally, painstakingly in full, along latest attained insights and everything cosmologically, historically and technically sound.

That’s also only what you’ll expect, while this is first and foremost to achieve your full autonomy and competitiveness in the field, so that you can perform as a professional, as furthermore and before anything, I want that my students are equipped to take on any debate with just imaginably whomever in the field.

Hetu Yellow River Map
To this respect, let’s zoom in yet only on Hetu Yellow River Map, as indeed it must be one of foremost basics tools at all in any application system in Chinese metaphysics.

Heluo Hill - Hetu Yellow River Map decoyWe can also say that it is one of neatest done red herrings (smoke screens) at all in Oriental metaphysics, and see if it’s really intendedly the energetic map that it has been taken for.

You will have been shown Hetu Yellow River Map, as it was undoubtedly presented to you as an amalgamation of 9 Stars, i.e. those numbers in Hetu to bode energy.

It is not likely that anyone would at any point question if then at all those Hetu Pairings 1-6, 2-7, 3-8 and 4-9 were indeed intendedly ‘energetic’, so that you may have taken Hetu numbers for ‘energetics’ (as in 9 Stars).

You would have then employed Hetu in your Flying Star Feng Shui work (or, equally as you would have relied on Hetu as an acupuncturist, or as a martial artist).

We will show you what device Hetu is to represent, then its intended purpose, in both our 9 Star Ki Divination and Flying Star Feng Shui class.

If you’re anything like me, you want profound technique, but you would like to see the persistent ridiculing of ancient scholar, art, the defiance of logic, the juggling with students and clients to come to a halt finally.

Saying, once all of the formal teaching securely anchored in your toolbox, we will carefully point out where those decoys are, and we will do so unequivocally and in no uncertain terms.

It is interesting that there are basically two types of decoys, implemented in metaphysics, one done by the ancient scholar, the other by the ‘emperor’, whereas I think, as a professional, you should be able to spot either one.

Fast version, there’s a purpose for every red herring:

May mold a certain scientific observation into a decoy, for purpose of delayed learning in the student. In other words, you’ll be left to play with a certain something for over a decade or so, before you were shown the ‘real deal’, while all this time, your having employed by the hand of the smoke screen, wouldn’t have caused for any harm.

Scholars were assigned official duty in the imperial court, and as such legally obliged to hand any scientific observation to their emperor. It was a capital offense, to take their knowledge outside the imperial environment. Thus, the ‘emperor’ would take any newly acquired scientific observation, then mold it to come to your immediate detriment. Not only would the sovereign seek to prevent rebellion at all costs, this way he would be sure to reap all benefits, if need be to the expense of the populace.

The short version is, that many of those either from ‘scholar’ or ’emperor’ derived decoys would have made it to commonly practiced metaphysics, yet most still not spotted or dismissed as such, until in class, you want to be shown the genuine technique, just as much as of course, you want to be shown the decoy in the technique.

We show you the ‘blood and bones’ of the decoy, so that you will spot those smoke screens from 10 miles away, while then you’ll hear the ‘mechanics’ behind red herrings, so that from then on you’ll effortlessly set aside ‘detrimental’ decoys from the more ‘harmless’ ones, so that you may discontinue to transmit those onto others, such as perhaps in your work with students and clients.

The ‘seal’ of the decoy is, that it purposely dresses up as genuine technique, then deliberately implemented in Chinese metaphysics – often for not the most noble purposes -, where it ‘survives’.

The other ‘mark’ of the decoy is, well, once not spotted as such by the teacher, it will only be passed on the more to students, some of which will at one point decide to step forward as a teacher.

The ancient scholars no fools or backward folk
The ancient scholars and founding fathers of the application systems in Chinese metaphysics were your finest astronomers, mathematicians and physicists, and they would have remained faithful to their scientific observations, but annexed by the emperor.

The Chinese imperial environment was not a ‘romantic’ setting to be in. It is quite easy – as you don’t need to be a rocket scientist for that – to lay bare what decoys had been devised by those scholars, but still defensible and for noble purposes, while, if you had been employing by the hand of those smoke screens, you wouldn’t have caused for any real harm, outside you could perhaps feel a bit ‘awkward’ for not having noted a bit earlier.

It is different, where the emperor had demanded all scientific knowledge to himself, to then mold the genuine technique just until, well, what you thought was to come to your benefit, now came to your detriment.

Make no mistake, as this was to ensure that no-one would come into rebellion, so that the sovereign could reap all authority, all riches to himself.

In all fairness, if you were the emperor, wishing peace and quiet all across your country, this can be achieved, if you know how to disintegrate the population, so that everyone’s too weak – or too petrified – to even still think for himself.

As a genuine practitioner, you want to stop being a vassal of the ‘emperor’ – for lack of better wording – and to involuntarily doing his work for him, by extending the (in the meantime centuries old, albeit thus far never shattered) scheme for even one minute longer.


Heluo Hill Chinese Ming Gua number and Hetu Yellow River Map