Four Pillars of Destiny – New Chinese horoscope Charting

What if we left the conventional style of charting a Bazi birth chart entirely untouched, while able to let it work alongside a complementary way of charting which would yet bring tremendous depth to our life readings? Once this additional method becomes your second nature, it is great also in class situations, or in your […]

Four Pillars of Destiny and Nine Star Ki – astrology or physiology?

Quite commonly as Bazi and 9 Star Ki astrologers, we will read the birth signs in a horoscope, exactly as it was taken from the factual moment of birth. As such the birth chart established, we will typically read all the elements in the Bazi birth chart or Stars in the 9 Ki birth map, […]

Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi – Twins and Astrology

Many astrologers seem puzzled at seeing dissimilar fate progression in twins. “How is it that one of twins is healthy, while the other is sick?” “Or, one of twins is rich, while the other is poor?” The list goes on, while a sense of disappointment can be heard. The mantra seems to be “since same […]