Four Pillars of Destiny and Nine Star Ki – astrology or physiology?

Four Pillars of Destiny and Nine Star Ki - Astrology or physiology - Heluo HillQuite commonly as Bazi and 9 Star Ki astrologers, we will read the birth signs in a horoscope, exactly as it was taken from the factual moment of birth.

As such the birth chart established, we will typically read all the elements in the Bazi birth chart or Stars in the 9 Ki birth map, while we interpret the image onwardly in time.

As in (short version): “Time of birth deciding the birth chart“, so that birth signs “decide on native’s fate”, so that, we can now take that to read ‘future’.

In our school, we do exactly that, while take birth signs in your eventual horoscope to yet unveil information about the past, to establish strength and vibrancy of organ energy as so gained during the gestation period.

Four Pillars of Destiny and Nine Star Ki are “full intended members of Internal Chinese Medicine”, our acupuncture students now able to check elements in the ‘horoscope’ of clients against their (pulse) diagnosis.

The real information to embed in the birth chart, is that it ‚takes us back‘ on your biological-physiological clock, which is rather not taking the horoscope just only forward in time, but backward just the same.

Now we know the life.

It is time that we saw what priceless information we’ll be missing out on, if we were to dismiss everything that had occurred before time of ‚first breath‘, if it means that we took only yet the birth data to construct a horoscope, then read the life from that point onward.

A ‚birth‘ – of course – occurs as a biological-physiological event, so that a horoscope is to more faithfully point to the gestation period, to give invaluable information.

If you are a Bazi or a 9 Ki adept, while you don’t immediately grasp what I am saying here, you may simply grab back on the Twelve Stages of Life, then come with me on a little quiz:

To concern of Twelve Stages of Life for the signs in the birth chart, then Strength and Vibrancy of the elements, these are:

  1. Instrumental for the (static) situation at the time of birth, to be then taken onward.
  2. To determine organ strength in the birth chart, as such telling for the 9 months leading up to birth.

Point 1 very much unimpeded, I would tick answer 2 more predominantly.

Which is same as in saying, if person born in the month of February, then the Wood element for Liver Qi in his horoscope will appear at Life Stage 4, yes? Any Fire element for Heart Qi will then be Life Stage 1, while Metal elements for Lung Qi would reside at Life Stage 10.

This bit alone should forever enlighten you as to what any horoscope has been trying to tell you.

Quite so, whether for the month Pillar in Bazi (earth orbit around the Sun), or for the hour Pillar and the day Pillar in the birth chart (earth’s spinning along its axis), this was to unveil Twelve Life Stages for the elements, to come before the time we took our first breath. That’s retrospect, rather than at all just foresight, and it is fundamental.

Nonetheless, virtually everyone in Western or Chinese astrology will take ‚fate‘ as to sort of start from the time of birth onwards. Great things can be achieved in this style of approach, while greater things will be missed.

On the contrary, everything that a horoscope is good for, will have been geared up even a good 3 months prior to time of conception. Give me your date of birth, and I will know Life Stage for the Ten Gods (Shí Shēn 十神) related to each one of the 9 months that you had spent inside the uterus, plus 3 months prior to time of conception.

Which will be telling, not only for your physiology, but your prospects for Resource, Parallel, Output, Wealth and Power.

I’ll be able then also to give your most likely ‚plus‘ and ‚minus‘ emotions, as such linked to your organ temperament.

Not to dwell on the subject, it is one thing to ‚know‘ that Star 1 is Kidney and courage, or that Yang Wood Jia in your Bazi birth chart is Liver and compassion, it becomes different to know a) the Life Stage of these elements relative to the gestation period and b) whether then e.g. Water Kidney were to constitute your Resource, Parallel, Output, Wealth/Wife or Power:

Four Pillars of Destiny and Nine Star Ki Astrology - organs and meridians - Heluo Hill

If we locate Wealth in our birth chart, in itself, that information could remain fairly meaningless, until we found that your Wealth element in specific could be Wood Liver, whereas my Wealth element may come from Metal Lung. To know Life Stage of your Wood Liver element, is to know ‚how your Liver was doing‘ during the gestation period.

Once I took up on Oriental astrology in the late 1970s – only fortunately so -, my original teachers had it pointed out to us that:

  • Four Pillars of Destiny and Nine Star Ki are not ‚astrologies‘, rather they are fate calculation systems and as such full intended members of Internal Chinese Medicine.
  • As a consequence, these systems are endogenous, rather not exogenous.
  • Oriental astrologies are not so much ‚astrologies‘, as much as the birth chart a true depiction of organ and meridian energy, so obtained during the gestation period.
  • Chrono-acupuncture: each Solar month during the gestation period is to relatively charge a specific organ more.
  • This will be signified by taking Ten Heavenly Stems and Twelve Earthly Branches physiologically, or to understand 9 Stars chronologically throughout a Solar year.
  • These energies are then internalized by the fetus as Solar and terrestrial forces.
  • „Organs produce emotions“ and „what lies innate, must externalize“.
  • Organs in sound health produce ‚plus‘ emotions (Kidney: courage), organs to proportion that they are compromised produce ‚minus‘ emotions (Kidney: fear).
  • Therefore, the birth chart to be read as an x-ray straight into natives‘ physiology.
  • Personality, character, temperament and behavior are organ induced and proportionate to natives‘ health outlook.
  • Life progression will be proportionate to natives‘ health outlook, his ability to adapt through diet and food intake (Huai Nan Zi 淮南子: „Qi heals Qi“).
  • „Qi heals Qi“ means: if a problem wasn’t caused by a physical object, a color, a bed direction or a t-shirt, it couldn’t be adjusted by placing objects, the use of colors, changing bed position or changing the t-shirt.
  • „Qi heals Qi“ means: we may identify a certain Star or element (organ) as causative factor, as it appears both qualitatively and quantitatively, so that we can counter stagnation and (re)gain forward progressive movement and momentum for our client.
  • And so on, and so forth.

As a consequence of all this, my acupuncture students have been taking the strength and vibrancy of elements as indicated in the birth chart to confirm their pulse diagnosis.

This was a done deal actually, right up to the time when somehow Chinese Feng Shui became a global hype, which would have been around 1995 and after which Flying Star Feng Shui, Xuan Kong Da Gua, Zi Wei Dou Shu, Qi Men Dun Jia and so on had come in, albeit each time without recognizing the physiological component.

Today, it’s getting a bit lonely, as I no longer get to meet anyone in our niche, that would still work with Bazi and 9 Ki other than as if these would be ‚astrology‘, i.e. to rely on external factors, such as planets.

What to do then?

We need to look onto a birth chart, then grab back on the 9 months gestation period to come prior to ‚first breath‘, then expand further, to even include the 3 months prior to time of conception, as only then could we take up on our destiny analysis in a meaningful way.

The following image is to signify how a birth horoscope should be actually taken in retrospect, firstly so as to make sense of Strength and Vibrancy of organs so acquired during the gestation period, while it doesn’t stop there, as it extends into organ strength – then moreover health of parents, notably the mother – 3 months prior to time of conception. How beautiful.

Four Pillars of Destiny and Nine Star Ki - Astrology or physiology destiny analysis- Heluo Hill

How wise those ancient scholars were, for knowing this.

Anyway, if not taken to their biological-physiological component, Bazi and 9 Ki will be deemed largely deterministic, any life reading to proceed rather emblematically, if already not the practitioner was into ‚spirits’ just the same, which out of this latter group, a great many will be all apprehended as a ‚bonus‘, ready to meet with ‚disaster‘ any time soon.

My students to come in with their long training histories, complain how their fate readings used to end up almost always in a loop. No wonder, as there’s only so much to be read from a Heavenly Stem then taken to ‚Wealth‘ or ‚Power‘, or a 9 Ki Star taken to ‚Adult Star‘ or ‚Child Star‘, which is all very 1980s.

Also, most Bazi practitioners have learned that elements can be „missing“ in the birth chart, as then they hurry to „make up“ for this fault, by creating „balance“.

Beautiful misunderstanding.

I’ll say, nothing at all could be „missing“.

Supposing that, ok, for a Day Master born in February, his Bazi horoscope failed to produce any Wood element to signify Liver Qi. Say that this Wood element were to also denote his ‚Wealth‘. Can we say „Wealth is not for you“?

Do we tell our client that he has to now ‚make up‘ for such a lack of Wood, by asking him to wear green colors, or travel East? Client has not a Liver? Or, the Liver was not duly charged by Solar forces during the gestation period?

If it appears in the Bazi birth chart or not, we can reduce just any element at all to its belonging Life Stage, relative to the gestation period, then employ ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ emotions and temperaments associated with that organ.

Wood denotes Liver, and he’ll be still the proud owner of a Liver. Can you still read the „missing“ Wood element, then take it for its Life Stage and read the life accordingly?

Four Pillars of Destiny and Nine Star Ki - Astrology or physiology - 12 Life StagesYou may note that, for this February born Day Master, the months of March, April and May were not spent inside the Womb.

Therefore, the elements linked to these months cannot ‚sit‘ in a prominent Life Stage, either as they may appear in the birth chart, or as they may be altogether „missing“.

That wasn’t same as in saying that we couldn’t be reading these elements for their prospects.

It is hard to convey in words exactly how your life readings will go, or how exhilarated your clients, once you came back to using Bazi or 9 Ki as your way of committing ‚Acupuncture without needles‘, as you’ll be then taking your destiny analysis over – what we call – ‚organ induced behavior‘.

Now everything falls into place.