9 Star Ki Divination – Events Forecasting Trigram Attributes

9 Stars and Luoshu real (news) events forecasting
Watch as your news images turn into a moving Luoshu

Your initiatives and life progression past-present-future
Now it makes sense – your 9 years, months and days pattern

For purpose of your 9 Stars and Luoshu events forecasting, to gain scenarios and while
it employed Host-Guest always, you may combine attributes of Stars to meet same
Luoshu Palace in your annual- and monthly Luoshu, as well as Star attributes and Luoshu
Palace characteristics to appear from opposite position same Luoshu Axis.

Star 1 attributes

H2O in broadest sense, floods, aquatic life, rain, sea, river, wetland, peninsula, coastal area, island, delta. Drowning, place near water, water related hazards. Shipping industry (not ship7), fishing industry, beverage industry. Infection, contamination, loss of blood, diarrhea. Epidemic, poison. Inclined downward, (fall into) depth, collapse, sewerage, ravine, avalanche, disperse, hibernation, retreat, trap, ambush. Delay, fall back, stagnation, leakage, erosion. Alcohol, drugs, chemistry and pharma related. Mentally challenged, subconscious. Cable. Sexual events, libido, sex industry, scandal. Trap, ambush, hiding, disguise. Animal outbreak or attack. Religious workers and events, religious sect. Writing. Mystery, introspection, wisdom. Danger, stealthy, camouflage, disguise. Theft, robbery, burglar. Trap, ambush, place under cover, grave, graveyard. Bar, restaurant. Nuclear accident. Virus infection, legionnaires disease, pneumonia. Star 1 combined with Star 4 for ‘wind’ or ‘excitement of air’, may bode elevator, so expect events surrounding elevators, perhaps escalators, ski lift. As Star 4 handles the ability to breath, the combination 1-4 may bode Dolphins and Whales, with Star 5 may be religious premise1-5. Kidney, Bladder, reproductive system, libido, pregnancy related, skin, hair, nails, ear, blood, lymph, joints, lower part of body.

Character and temperament

Courage, dares take risks, independent, self-reliant, discrete, intuitive, concentrating, diplomatic, adaptable, cool, serious, careful, insightful, social, self-protective, industrious, patient, adaptable, hardworking, intimate, self-conscious, self-assertive, confident, inspired, serene, reflective.

Fear, phobic, stagnant, taciturn, reserved, contemptuous, manipulative, stubborn, obstinate, unadaptable, tenacious, worrisome, disdainful, overbearing, insecure, victim, defensive, paranoid, solitude, loneliness, overconfident, isolation.

Star 2 attributes

Star 2 governs the educational field, school, teacher, student, the medical field, hospital, hospitalization, doctor, nurse, caretaking industry. Star 2 is in agriculture, farming and farmers, provision, supplies, the act of fueling, (in)feed, food (distribution) and food industry, nourishment, famine, hunger strike, poisoning. Plot of land, food producing fields, including coal or gold mines, mining in general, mineshaft, mine workers, while also sky (birds), sea, river and lake (fish), ocean and ocean floor, including then deep sea mining. Star 2 is in ‘surface relied on for protection’, such as a bridge, dam, dike, sluice, wall, viaduct, balustrade, balcony, theater stage, flooring, façade, pillar, tower crane, cherry picker, ship’s deck, landing strip, landing gear. Star 2 bodes provision, supplies, service, the act of fueling. It is in container, box, suitcase, backpack. Subterraneous hollow space in the broad sense of the word, that what lies submerged, including submarine once Star 2 and Star 4 combined, concealed, (submerged) hollow space, shelter, cavity, cave, train or subway tunnel, parking garage, bunker, septic tank, sinkhole. Labor mine, labor mine workers. Star 2 represents homogeneous groups gathered around same organization or kitchen, including inmates (not jail8), monastery, ship’s crew, or a group of people gathered if only for then momentary purpose, such as with a mob during demonstrations, or for mob clashes, labor strike or manifestations, migrants, refugees, evacuees, hostages, asylum seekers, prisoners of war, spectators. Meadow, place in shadow, village, rural area, small house, trunk of a tree, outfit. Environment, environmental incidences, pollution, poisoning, infection, epidemic, mudslide. Insurrection, large population migration, act of mutiny, hijack, kidnapping. Star 2 mother (of all Gua), it is in family, marriage, committed relationship, spouse, homestead, abode, women’s labor force, rural city, journalist, zoo, while Star 2 as border, corridor or buffer zone can be in an actual-, but also in a metaphorical, non-physical sense. In personal 9 Ki, it may bode spouse m/f, your homestead, study. Stomach, Spleen, Pancreas, more predominantly Stomach, digestive system, belly, abdomen, womb, pregnant woman, flesh, muscle tissue, torso. Star 2 in company of – or to appear from opposite position of – Star 4 (4-2) may bode fueling2 problems related to an aircraft4, food dropping, inmate2 breaks out by means of a rope4, underground launching facility2-4. Star 2 in company of Star 6 (6-2) may be a food2 silo6 or food2 truck6. Star 2 affiliated with Star 7 for a ship. On its own, then the more in company of- or once aligned with Star 8 may bode people’s revolution, then Star 2 along Star 9 for fuels, may indicate a transport for agricultural diesel oil.

Character and temperament

Social, supportive, methodical, receptive, compassionate, steady, systematic, solid, delicate, caring, thoughtful, sacrificing, trustworthy, diligent, delicate, maternal, accurate, feminine, shrewd, conservative, nourishing, observing, provincial, dedicated, devotion, systematic, detail-oriented, social, sympathy, understanding.

Dependent, meticulous, provincial, conservative, hesitant, envious, irritated, possessive, suspicious, egotistical, cynical, skeptical, jealous, shrewd, irritable, stubborn, discriminating, cool, doubtful, fastidious.

Star 3 attributes

New impulse not unlikely in an existing enterprise, short projects, creative, initiation, pioneering, idealism. Railway industry, commuter station, rail track, train, tram, metro. Uniformed personnel, police, security guards, firefighterssee9. Male, husband, matured man, athlete. Thunder, electricity, electrical detonator, ignition, short-circuit, electrically propelled machinery, power plant, transmission tower. Information technology, internet, computer, television, telephone, actors. Immediate and eruptive impulses, arousal, shouting, bite or first sudden start of growth, piercing, propulsion, loud noise, tremor. Promotion, sales and marketing, invention, altruism, gambling. Upward bound rectangle, high rise building. Hollow but not sealed off. Highway, new road, heavy road haulage. Tree, woods, forest, jungle. Bite, a jolt, penetrating, piercing, intruding. In company of other Stars – with Star 2 it can demolish a wall, dam, balcony, while it may bode a kick in the belly3-2, high-rise building3-8, earthquake3-8. Eldest son, male, husband. Liver and Gallbladder, more predominantly Liver, eyes, muscle, leg.

Character and temperament

Sociable, exploratory, initiative, pioneer, venturesome, enthusiasm, humorous, optimistic, joyful, youthful, talkative, patience, flexible, tolerant, susceptible, stamina, insightful, outgoing, accessible, active, optimistic, progressive, creative, advancing, frank, straightforward, growing, concentrated, passionate, development, intense, sensitive, talkative, passionate, extrovert, uncomplicated.

Explosive, inflexible, temper, impulsive, intolerable, domineering, brash, reckless, upfront, frank, bold, anger, aggressive, quick-tempered, rivalry, yelling, hyper active, nonexploratory, unbending, impatient, rash, hasty, self-pity, upset, alienating, prejudice, preoccupied.

Star 4 attributes

Documents, paper, scripture, proclamation, the act of writing or publishing, encoding, exams. Contract, archives, (air)mail, parcel, library, post office. Relating to AI, media, broadcasting, information, the spreading of messages or ideas, intelligence and security, art, music, fashion. Marketing, networking, telephone call, travel, art. Star 4 may be in anything to move through air from point A to point B, anything to excite air: oxygen, wind, turbulence, air pressure, condensation, storm, hurricane, typhoon, macroburst, wind turbine, wind farm, the act of parachuting, kite surfing and windsurfing. It is in volatile substances, gasses, O2, CO2. Airplane, projectiles, missiles, drone. Astronomy, space related, aeronautics, aviation industry, satellite, drone. Travel, travel industry, go on a trip. Transportation industry, world trade. Gunpowder, powder, fuse. Instability in movement, stumble, feeble progression. Female working force, balding men, makers of profit, hermit. Wooden house, lush. Garden, vegetation, leaf, pasture, meadow, park. Rope, cord. Suffocation, strangulation. Star 4 in company of your own Star may go on a trip, in company of Star 1, can be Dolphin, Whale, ski lift, elevator, lift shaft, ventilation grill, escalator, roller-coaster, Ferris wheel, air contamination, major religious proclamation, spraying drone. Star 4 in company of Star 2 for ‘surface relied on for protection’ can involve slip on platform of sorts, or rope outbreak by inmate, while Star 4 in company of Star 3 for uniformed personnel (police, fire brigade, security forces) can bode gas mask, with Star 5 missile launch facility, Star 6 armored drone, with Star 7 can be container ship or houseboat, with Star 8 may bode windmill. Liver and Gallbladder, more predominantly Gallbladder, hair, upper arm, thigh, buttock, chest, pulmonary system (breathing and ability to breath).

Character and temperament

Tender, confident, controlled, reputable, prudent, adaptable, liberal, flexible, compassionate, smooth mannered, emotional, harmonious, open, creative, adaptable, social, affectionate.

Impulsive, stubborn, evasive, calculating, uncontrolled, changeable, unadaptable, reckless, hypersensitive, moody, inflexible, scattered, self-centered, impractical, manipulative, meticulous, indecisive.

Star 5 attributes

Star 5 goes where gravity goes, not exempt our aimed thoughts. It would therefore seem the better idea to rid Star 5 of the injustice done to it everywhere, as Star 5 is indeed not only unpredictable, but involved in both immense progress and massive breakthrough, as well as the setback, accidents or disasters for which it is so widely take for. Granted, as we would not ignore it, Star 5 – aka 5 Yellow – may bring about what was innate, it then released accumulated energy either way – more often than not – unforeseeable positive or detrimental – as in greater than life – such as massive celebrations, corporate achievement, judicial trials of enormous proportion. , army, paramilitary group, geurrilla combatants, armed factions, rebel groups, gang, motorcycle clubs. Armed calamities not seldom ego related (my people). Coup d’etat, martial law, curfew, ousted leadership, outlawed, deportation, displacement. City square, compound, species, skeleton. Weird events, progress stalled, deadlock. Accidents, disaster, sudden unexpected but critical events. Government- and sovereignty related, captains of industry, official buildings or compounds inaccessible to the public. Stand-off, stronghold, fortress, bunker, construction related objects (made of stone, brick, concrete, rock, boulder), concrete platforms. In company of other Stars – commuter station or marshalling yard3-5, military bunker5-6, laboratory5-8. Stomach, Spleen, Pancreas, more predominantly Pancreas, brain, digestive system. Star 5 may surface either noble, evil or anything in between. If you possess it ‘emperor Qi’, that then is what will be brought about.

Character and temperament

Independent, strong, self-assertive, constructive, controlling, indomitable, proud, persistent, humane, determined, resolute, talented.

Haughty, egoistic, bold, destructive, late maturing, stubborn, destructive, forceful, irritated, aggressive, self-indulgent, calculating, unadaptable.

Star 6 attributes

Car, car industry, truck, car accidents – frontal and more likely fatal (see 7). Machines, engineering. Explosion, ammunition, bullets, arms industry, (the act of) bomb(ing), fireworks, gun, rifle, in company of Star 4 artillery4-6. Criminal assault, armed assault, combat forces, mass shooting. Inclined recluse, can be rigid. Sudden stop, emergency stop, sudden single impact, frontal collision, friction, tug of war, frontal clash between counterparts. Solid state, frozen. Job and career related, labor strike.  Law and legislation, judicial, corporate, governmental. Sovereign(ty), leadership, authority, martial law. Capitol, round objects, domed structures, majestic building, temple, hotel. The Star 6 Luoshu Palace – or once your Star(s) aligned with Star 6 – may imply business expands, support, or harvest, i.e. your Star showered with authority. May be elected, chosen, promoted, granted official position, may herald next step in whichever your endeavors. Contrary to what the description suggests, you do not need to own a business so as in order to reap the success of this Star or Luoshu Palace, as people will have almost automatic faith in your judgment, your skills. If so wished to harvest support, render it support to others. Labor strike and workers unrest – pending accompanying Stars: teachers, mine workers or nurses on strike2-6, aviation, airport or writers on strike4-6. Father (of all Gua), elderly men. Lung and Large Intestine, more predominantly Lung. Head, skull, neck, lower jaw, neck, bones, tendon, wrist.

Character and temperament

Complete, wholistic, leadership, will power, organized, stylish, judicious, loyal, faithful, prudent, perfectionist, magnanimous, dignified, perseverance, convinced, trustworthy, proud, rational, ethical, determined, merciful, nobility, considerate.

Depressive, non-sociable, controlling, stubborn, opinionated, sadness, complaining, hurt, melancholy, stubborn, rigidity, sentimental, defensive, calculating, offensive, moralist, inconsiderate, tenacious, insecure, merciless, uncompromising.

Star 7 attributes

Management and organization. Financial matters, money, monetary system, banking. Stadium, theater, shopping mall. May receive or invest money, credibility, recognition, realization. (Re)establishing your name and reputation. Inclined romantic. Knife, sword, sharp objects, cutting, stabbing, injection, incision, infusion, surgery. Brickwork. Robbery, rather brutal burglary, violation, intrusion. Car accident and collision under a slanting angle, probably non-fatal (see 6). Ship, vessel – pending accompanying Stars: food ship or submarine2-7, aircraft carrier4-7. Thing on its last legs, neglected building, demolished building, rupture, disintegration, broken wall. Ability to split something. Damaged and dysfunctional objects, badmouthing. Snow, slightly wetted land, swamp, dried up well. Pleasure industry, erotic. Youngest daughter, young female, wife, concubine. Metaphysician, sorcerer, singer, performer. In company of Star 2 school stabbing2-7, Star 4 stock market4-7, Star 9 singer-performer9-7 Lung and Large Intestine, more predominantly Large Intestine. Mouth, saliva, upper jaw, teeth, throat.

Character and temperament

Easy going, joyful, happiness, social, flexible, talkative, energetic, sensitive, passionate, polished, entertaining, indulgent, resourceful, expressive, persuasive, uncomplicated, optimistic.

stubborn, stormy, egoistic, extravagant, hyper sensitive, haughty, nervous, complicated, calculating, shy, wanton, over indulged, spoiled, self-centered.

Star 8 attributes

Buildings, built structures, real estate, property. Major change, revolutionary turn-around, decisions may be forced upon, start or termination of initiatives or relationship, relocation. May obtain material goods, house, land, inheritance. Science related. Culminated events coming to climax, standstill, matters coming to closure. Conservatism. Ego-, ethnic-, minority- and/or race related conflicts (territorial: my nation, my people, my race, religion). Public uproar, civil unrest, demonstrations, massive protest, revolt, rioting, looting, plundering. (In)voluntary burning of old bridges. Volcano, earthquake, ocean crust, earth crust, landslide. Mountains, mountainous area, mountain house, mountain animals, hills, elevated grounds. Small stones, small rock, stony path, small path, clay. Sudden stillness, immovable, becoming quiet. Cave, cemetery, burial place, monastery. Open passage, open gate (can be in a transferrable sense, just as with corridor at Star 2). In company of other Stars – seaquake1-8, school, university or a mob gathered at a building2-8, police raid3-8, volcano outburst9-8, wind park or airfield4-8. Youngest son, young men, adept, researcher, unemployed person. Stomach, Spleen, Pancreas, more predominantly Spleen, digestive system. Nose, small bones, fingers, toes.

Character and temperament

Seeking, striving, persistent, sympathy, wealthy, abundant, fortunate, saving minded, energetic, adventurous, tenacious, willful, curious, revolutionary, self motivating, ambitious.

Suspicious, antipathy, jealous, haughty, skepticism, opinionated, stagnated, self- indulgent, avaricious, greedy, possessive, obstinate, straightforward, pretentious.

Star 9 attributes

Fire, blaze, fire related instances, (the act of) fuel(ing), inflammable substances, radiation, parched land. Petrochemical- and pharmaceutical industry, refinery, oil, oil platform, oil pipeline. Pharmaceutical, chemicals, can be nuclear. Fully armored personnel, riot police, armored vehicle, armor, soldier, armament. Further instigation of ‘heated’ events. Crematorium, light house, deserted building. Outgoing, sociable, radiant on the outside, silent or recluse on the inside. Networking, presentation, success, become famous, magnified, larger than life. The high radiance of Star 9 may pull to the surface what was obscure, leading to visibility over a larger distance, to a greater degree and larger audience, exposure, disclosure. Discovery, unearthing, excavations – pending accompanying Stars: bone9-1, small settlement or wall9-2, unearthing of script9-4, discovery of new species9-5, coin or skull9-6. Movie industry, celebrities, propaganda. Name and reputation compromised, slander, scandal backed up by proof (documented). Can surface hidden disease, uncorrected childhood patterns or persisting behavioral mechanisms, (in)ability to speak. Cattle, livestock, birds, pheasant, turtle, shell fish, hollow tree. Middle daughter, middle aged people, people with big belly, balding. In company of other Stars – with Star 2 may come as lava2-9, with Star 3 a police station on fire3-9, a blaze on an oil tanker7-9, an oil platform, incinerator or lighthouse9-8. Heart and Small Intestine, Heart Constrictor, Triple Heater, circulatory system, Cerebral, Solar Plexus, eyes, tongue, chest.

Character and temperament

Calm, proud, foresight, honorable, intelligent, successful, generous, charismatic, enlightened, brightness, smooth, wholistic, embracing, tasteful, stardom, medium, hospitable, fullness, intuitive, proud, enlightened, impulsive, vain, distinguished, colorful.

Stormy, self-concerned, impulsive, vain, fickle, hyper nervous, flamboyant, stormy, silent, over emotional, inconsiderate, repetitive, superiority.