9 Ki Divination for a Star 3 year – DIY 9 Stars & Luoshu events forecasting

Fetch a drink and pen and paper…

Here’s to certain overall, then month-by-month 9 Stars and Luoshu events forecasting as it may be done for a Star 3 year on the basis of 9 Ki Divination 九星占卜, in mind what we would see presented in our news media.

It would have been your otherwise ‘as usual’ 9 Ki annual forecasting, except that this time critically we will introduce newly obtained Luoshu approaches, so that first may you read about Luoshu Trend, Luoshu Axis, the phenomenal Reversed Luoshu Axis, In Prison-Out of In Prison, then a word more on the central Luoshu Palace.

Everything that we have been doing with regard to 9 Stars and Luoshu events forecasting will have changed if only by the hand of Reversed Luoshu Axis, so I couldn’t be more excited as this in particular will change whatever it was that you had in your toolbox.

After all, would up to only recently we have approached 9 Stars and Luoshu on the basis of two parameters:

– Read central Luoshu unit for central Star(s) there, then expand to build our 9 Ki forecasting from there;
– Elsewhere in Luoshu ‘tell’ events by a mere zoom in on ‘just’ a single Star in a singled-out Luoshu Palace.

As you would pretty much continue to doing so unchanged, except that you can break free as never once anticipated, as you may now expand this with the latest Luoshu insights:

Subject Star to Read: still zoom in on initially such single Star(s) in just singled-out Luoshu Palaces, while:
– Read only still in context of back and forth Luoshu Axis so as to involve opposite Star(s) and Palace;
– For once and for all see the hand in affairs of the unmatched annual- and monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis.

It is my sole wish, that you master it 9 Ki Divination in all of its facets, one time as you sit in front of your news media with annual- and monthly Luoshu, to quite literally see those news images turn into a moving Luoshu,  then as of course you screen it your personal life progression, to reason into your prospect initiatives and dos & don’ts for any time past-present-future.

Therefore, should you be new to 9 Stars and Luoshu prognostication, I am excited to show you by the hand of a first – while then the fastest imaginable example ever – image, as let’s then highlight just the Stars for the Star 8 Palace for July, with then Star combination 3-6 “in the air”.

As then monthly Star 3 (Guest) for a tree visits annual Star 6 (Host) for a car, it is not surprising if you found it pictures such as here in the news, while this in a nutshell is how in 9 Ki we “Translate Stars into events; events into Stars”.

The Star 8 Palace is associated with the direction of Northeast, while once Luoshu held against your news images – try it -, it will show that, now that Star 3 came to look up Star 6, if that were to happen, trees may fall onto cars from all around the landscape.

You can indeed imagine how it is one thing to sit with annual- and monthly Luoshu on your lap, it is quite something else once as then you saw what was in Luoshu, in real images from straight ahead on your television.

That then is exactly how here we go DIY, sharing chapters from out of my workbooks and study materials built up and collected over time – consequently lengthy, as to your later reference then also :o) -, until you get to see what my students see.

Enjoy seeing an exploratory introduction first on certain newly attained Luoshu approaches for your proficiency that you may enjoy as proposal, then arrive at an overview of indeed annual Stars and month-by-month events forecasting, then finally forecasting for your personal initiatives and dos & don’ts for the months of February and March.

[Proceed in close connection with 9 Stars and Trigram attributes]

As you come with me, I dare believe that by taking it into account the following 9 Stars and Luoshu considerations while you practice, your experience of the phenomenal world of Ki will grow even more intimate than undoubtedly it already had been.

Ok, so as you perform, would indeed you do this while keep in mind here proposed parameters, until you said “now I got it”:

– Luoshu Trend.
– Luoshu Axis.
– Reversed Luoshu Axis.
– In Prison-Out of In Prison.
– Central Luoshu Palace.

Luoshu Trend

Despite general consensus as where the central Star would ‘directly’ instigate it events, that may well be so, while it may be more as where the central Star – as after all, its origins hark back to the beginning of Time, its whereabouts ubiquitous, as such not obtained from Space, or bound by it – is ‘the odd one out’.

That’s subtle, while a then as such seeming central Star, may be receptive likely more in fact, to attract events in accord with its base Star attributes.

Until a bit more popularly stated, and more as in such central Star would hover over to oversee ‘what’s in the air’ for any time, we may say that it orchestrates what then we could deem overall Luoshu Trend, while once then we have a time of Star 1, we may read as ‘water in the streets’, then a Star 2 year may show as ‘mob in the streets’, then a Star 3 year ‘uniforms in the streets’, or something to that effect, but as each time it then served everything from all around.

Not just with regard to Luoshu Trend, but pretty much critical to our full understanding it would seem, is that it will be any Star’s influence not limited in any way, much less geographically, until wherever in Luoshu a Star or a Star combination would appear – and once established that indeed it concerned Luoshu influence -, it would cast its effect, albeit as always headed into or coming from out of irrespective all directions, as we know how Ki encompasses to saturate everything, while rather than a flat surface, Luoshu comes as intendedly three-dimensional.

Luoshu Axis

This one alone will forever change what you were doing along 9 Stars and Luoshu, as here finally may we quit to zoom in on each time a singled-out Star in a singled-out Luoshu Palace, then prognosticate.

Once excused a central unit, Luoshu consists of 4 distinct magnetic +/- arms, until we say “nothing to befall a Star in a Luoshu Palace, with not the hand in affairs of Palace and Star(s) in opposite position”.

Once therefore you had it zoomed in on a certain Star in a certain Luoshu Palace, would then you (near) simultaneously involve Palace and Star(s) to appear in opposite position in Luoshu.

Until you can expand your approach to Luoshu with the notion that it will be Stars positioned diametrically along each its Axis, as then these would act in orchestration.

Try it immediately, as it is exactly this aspect that will grant you a panorama over new – previously as such probably unnoticed – scenarios, everything there as embedded in Luoshu.

As much as then Star 3 in any Luoshu Palace could signify a train3, it would be a food train3-2 more eligibly once with Star 2 along same Luoshu Axis, or a fuel9 train once as Star 3 aligned with Star 93-9.

Once your Star (let’s skip in saying ‘Number’) appears in a certain Luoshu Palace (let’s waive to refer as ‘House’), and while no matter once joined it another Star same Palace, or to appear from opposite<> other Stars in opposite Palace, we may say that then either way, your Star is ‘aligned’, since now everything were set into gear along same Luoshu Axis.

A bit further on, I will share some slight examples of what we were able to do for students and clients once only along this highly exhilarating approach.

While anyway, and now that probably you had taken a peek already at the whereabouts of your Star of birth in the annual Luoshu for this year, you may involve it the Star in opposite position.

Just very quickly, while if it were your Star in Luoshu Palace ‘x’, as such then supposed to reap it ‘y’, this ‘y’ may further relate to studies now with Star 2 along same Luoshu Axis, or you may go on a trip along Star 4, or your endeavors flavored more by career related ventures, once as aligned with Star 6.

We then say that Stars – once caught along same Luoshu Axis – engage in magnetic resonance, until once it combined their Trigram attributes, this would be as in ‘push-hands’ 推手, to create it scenarios, in mind of course each time varying context.

Therefore, before it taken 9 Stars as anywhere near ‘astrological’, it is the better idea to estimate 9 Stars in light of their being either ‘plus’ or ‘minus’ charged, or as Kahlil Gibran had it: “Left and right are closer to one another than the center to either one”.

Reversed Luoshu Axis – game changer…..

Once Luoshu of 5 Yellow exempt, each Luoshu will present a Star to appear from opposite its native Palace in Luoshu, which Star will then trigger – what in 1997 we had found then baptized  – Reversed Luoshu Axis.

In a Star 3 year, annual Star 4 appears in Qian Palace – usually host to Star 6 – as such annual Star 4 to appear diametrically opposite its native Palace, by that it triggers the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis.

The Star 6 Luoshu Palace then carries characteristics such as leadership, management, determination, usually boost in career.

This may render it Stars along Reversed Luoshu Axis magnetically off, as such then for their usual attributes – at this time for still lack of better phrasing – ‘not what it seems’, ‘going nowhere’.

Equally for then events forecasting and personal life progression, this aspect may challenge or compromise attributes and character usually assigned to Luoshu Palace(s) and Star(s) involved.

In mind then the notion of Luoshu Axis, would the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis for a Star 3 year  affect of course annual Star 2, annual Star 4, the otherwise basic properties usually assigned to Xun Palace and Qian Palace, while would you note as each time monthly- or daily Stars join on this Luoshu Axis.

You will find this newly attained 9 Ki syntax much more telling for (in)auspicious, than perhaps ever you would have gathered along either Wuxing dynamics or San Yuan Jiu Yun convention.

What is more, now that we will have been accustomed to linking it certain world events to the then ‘central’ Star, and while still it would be pretty much ‘flooding’ all around in indeed Star 1 years, then hurricanes and typhoons in Star 4 years, you will from hereon keep under close scrutiny the notion of Reversed Luoshu Axis, now that with annual Star 4 to instigate it the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, this would invoke hurricanes and typhoons just the same.

With respect to planning your dos & don’ts for a year ahead, while once then you found it your Star(s) over an annual- or monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis, would just you proceed with whatever it is you were doing, while indeed you may so much as look-over-your-shoulder, if it means that you may consider more than perhaps usually, as for example any first attempt may fail, or still your endeavors may be successful, albeit it encountered surprises, as this aspect may come with challenges of its own.

In accordance no doubt with the 2024 annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, we can report in the meantime, how in April 2024 – on what would be reportedly a Star 4 day -, a cable car cabin4 collided as a result of a pylon (‘surface relied on for protection’2) collapse in the province of Antalya Turkey, while in the crash, the bottom of the cabin (‘surface relied on for protection’2) had disintegrated entirely.

In Prison-Out of In Prison

Once with a Star in the central Palace, it might momentarily go into hibernation, or be concealed, whereas it may reemerge 9 days, months, years or even 27 years later, once back to the central Palace.

If you lost your keys on – say – a Star 7 day, chances are your keys would surface 9 days later along same Star in the central Luoshu Palace. This may be what is behind a sudden reemergence of for example missing persons.

Way back when in 2006, we said that Osama Bin Laden – a Star 7 native – on the loose in each time Star 7 years of 1993 and 2002, would likely not be captured any earlier than in 2011, with his Star 7 to ‘pop up’ once more in the central Palace.

Central Luoshu Palace

As mentioned, annual- and monthly Stars would be too ubiquitous, for being seen as still restricted to any as so perceived limited unit, much less geographically.

Until, at the very least for then purpose of 9 Stars and Luoshu events forecasting in 9 Ki, would I have not seen, how events should follow it the directions as so promoted by Luoshu of 5 Yellow.


While in our then noting how a certain 45 degrees Palace were hosting a Star or a Star combination, would rather not Luoshu show that any 9 Ki effect or outcome had to be limited to a then certain Luoshu direction.

As you commit to 9 Ki events forecasting by way of this new syntax, there is indeed a fair chance that what Luoshu 洛書 shows you once you sit with annual and monthly Luoshu in front of your news media, may in some respects differ from – or even invite friction with – what we’d have learned all along, then mainly with regard to the widespread contraction 9 Stars + Wuxing Five Transformations, or even the notion of Luoshu directions.

While there is of course simply nothing onto which we can bypass, or even attempt to waive it, our friendly and only self-evident Wuxing 五行, however, it just so comes out that – as at the very least Luoshu would be showing for then purpose of 9 Stars and Luoshu events forecasting -, we haven’t seen the relationship between Wuxing, then the effect that ‘supporting cycle’ or ‘controlling cycle’ should be having on from 9 Stars derived events, events progression or outcome.

9 Stars are the main players,

9 Stars and Wuxing are not alike.

Or as Huai Nan Zi 淮南子 has it:

This practically means for your events forecasting through annual- and monthly Luoshu, that a Star 2 person would receive a letter4 now along the Star combination 2-4, as much as a Star 9 would receive a letter along the Star combination 9-4, while not would we expect it a ‘negative’ letter for the former only now that Wuxing-wise Star 4 and Star 2 relate as to the ‘controlling cycle’, while we’d expect a ‘favorable’ letter for the latter, now that Star 4 and Star 9 relate as to the ‘supporting cycle’.

This would be mainly also, now that by its very nature, 9 Stars may behave differently, pending each time the overall 3 systems of application by which we employ it 9 Stars and Luoshu, now that each system of 9 Stars and Luoshu would have its own ‘operator’ to set 9 Stars in motion.

As just an example, to have it 9 Stars come into action for purpose of Nine Star Ki astrology, our physiology acts as operator, while for purpose of Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui, 9 Stars are operated by Upper-, Middle- and Lower Cycles as so related to San Yuan Jiu Yun.

While, as said, we would never even attempt to keep it Wuxing out of our considerations – far too cuddly for that :o) -, and it will always be weighed in our minds anyway, the news then shows, that rather than for Wuxing cycles to involve in positive or negative events, you may verify as where these certain already shown internal Luoshu dynamics would be instrumental, then prevalent.

..… solved ..…

Even if you feel drawn towards Wuxing until you couldn’t imagine 9 Stars separated from it,
no worries, as just would you continue to apply it Wuxing anyway, but no longer
at the same time as you noticed it a Star combination in Luoshu.

It would be equally inconceivable for me to see a Star or Star combination,
then not ‘think Wuxing’ or Wuxing dynamics.

However, to ensure that most indeed Luoshu reveals itself to you in terms of then at least
your 9 Ki events forecasting, it’s best first considered your Star combinations on own merits,
while immediately a) reducing Stars and the Palaces in which they are located to their basic
Trigram characteristics, after which you will then b) play with Luoshu Trend, Luoshu Axis,
Reversed Luoshu Axis. Once that secured, by all means would then you bring on Wuxing, while
to see if or to what extend those were having a hand in events, events progression or outcome.

[By the way, it would seem good while you’d consider this for just a bit more, if only now that most pronounced too, certain dynamics as these would be generated from within Luoshu – such as Reversed Luoshu Axis, or as a Star appears aligned with Star 5 – might be overlooked, now that you will often hear matters deemed favorable already, now that ‘after all’, had it not boded favorable Wuxing relations, now with Star and Palace in ‘supporting cycle’?]

Also now that from 9 Ki derived annual- and monthly Stars abide by the Chinese Solar calendar – Xià 夏 – alone, would for example annual- and monthly Stars act autonomously, always current, then not share mandate once as filtered perhaps through the San Yuan Jiu Yun 三元九運 calendar as would be in use for purpose of Flying Star Feng Shui.

Nonetheless, once it then 9 Stars pulled through such time conception, San Yuan Jiu Yun would for all occasions render it 9 Stars (un)timely and (in)auspicious) relative to 20-year Periods, no longer for just purpose of Fei Xing Feng Shui and to assess it a Flying Star chart, but undiminished to account of otherwise from just 9 Ki derived annual- and monthly Luoshu, as it is not uncommon to then overlay it a built structure’s Flying Star chart with annual- and/or monthly Luoshu, then let otherwise from 9 Ki derived Stars adapt as if now these too abide by 20-year Periods, then conceived a Feng Shui Stars for their behavior.

Now that 9 Stars for as long as mirrored to 9 Ki ride on the Solar calendar alone, whether as seen over a period of 25,920 years for the Great Year, then through more manageable times such as for years, months and days, once then “Star x” migrates through Luoshu, it is always current to retain its autonomous archetype, moreover its granted base identity and characteristics, notwithstanding a then appointed Luoshu Palace, then other to be awarded metaphor-dependent such classifications as for elements, colors, temperature.

You may then read along here order of topics:

– Star 3 year by certain typical images.
– Palace by Palace estimation of events for the year.
– Monthly events forecasting (February & March).
– Personal forecasting per month (February & March).
– Examples certain past divination that we did.
– Syntax more for your proficiency.

The Star 3 year in 9 Ki Divination

Who is Star 3

Here pretty much is what would be representative of Star 3’s innate temperament.

It is a youngster, quite enthusiastic, pretty much act-before-think, as sufficiently he’d act upon impulse.

He’s way too intrepid and keen on exploring the world, to still hear any us your-on-average citizens caution, then ask him to think before act, until he’s a pioneer slash trailblazer.

Well, you see, against all odds, moreover against advise, he would land on a rock, then still sprout into a seedling, so after all, he was probably right.

As shown in the header image, a Star 3 year may remarkedly give train and railway incidents, events to involve uniformed personnel – police predominantly, but not limited to -, information technology, the electric power industry, high-rise buildings, indeed short-circuiting, power outages and thunderbolt, then trees and forest in the news pretty much recurrently, while Star 3 will entail yet certain subtleties more than could be presented by images.

Incidentally it speaks for itself of course, that these associations would not only apply with then Star 3 in the central Palace, but just as much as we follow Star 3 month by month through the varying Luoshu Palaces, to note it then established Star combinations, which will in turn generate their typical events.

But, with now in hand such notion as Reversed Luoshu Axis, while much of the news would pivot around that, let’s first consider this exhilarating approach a bit more, then acquaint with annual Star 4 just the same.

Annual Reversed Luoshu Axis

Just as we would for any time, then before as in here case it zoomed in on such annual Star 3 in the central Luoshu Palace all too readily, to see Luoshu Trend or ‘how’ annual Star 3 is ‘doing’, we note the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis (RLA), so as to here catch it annual Star 4 so-called ‘magnetically off’ for its attributes, or said differently:

Any as such Reversed Star or Palace may come as ‘uncalibrated’ or ‘not what it seems’, while the Star to then appear in opposite Luoshu position, would be completely free of charge ‘going nowhere’, for lack of better phrasing.

To this respect, not only would attributes for annual Star 2 and annual Star 4 come as reversed polarity, this then would include properties usually apportioned to Xun Palace and Qian Palace.

Which provides the additional consideration that perhaps the central Luoshu Palace takes in more the function of that of an electrical conductor.

We also know that, while on to our divination in mind a particular Star or Palace, and so as in order to read annual- and monthly Luoshu on events, we had it to actually – within each time then context – highlight it little more than those ‘then applicable Star(s) and Palace’.

Saying, annual Star 4 resides in Qian Palace for Star 6, by that it appears from opposite its native Palace in Luoshu.

Annual Star 4 will render it the entire so-called by some SE-NW Luoshu Axis – ‘reversed’.

This would tempt 9 Stars and Trigram attributes commonly assigned to Stars involved – as well as properties of Xun and Qian Palace – into ‘magnetically off’, then ‘going nowhere’.

It then is a matter of knowing how to combine it your Star 2 and Star 4 attributes -, while in here case then indeed properties usually related to Xun and Qian Palace – to reason into what the news may be carrying for each time such year, then month by month.

Reversed Luoshu Axis then furthermore works, not for just 9 Ki events forecasting, but – as you may check Luoshu on that -, with regard to ‘personal’ 9 Ki Divination, your dos & don’ts.

Once Star 4 taken for documents and contracts – the written word, probably everything included www, proclamations, (un)wired messaging, ratifications and the like -, then aviation, aeronautics, astronomy, projectiles, travel, fashion, -, may we expect major movements to involve algorithm, Artificial Intelligence, journalism.

Star 4 is in breathing, the ability to breath, so it can be in both oxygenation and suffocation, strangulation, while Star 4 is slippery, so something may slip.

Once then Star 4 taken for ‘projectiles’, this would show as airplanes, drones, satellites, ammunition, ballistics.

Annual Star 2 – in opposite position -, typically encompasses ‘surface relied on for protection’ – such as a bridge, a balcony or flooring -, or as within here context the Star combination 2-4 may show as a launch facility4-2 , then Star 2 as those gatherings of people along (if only so momentarily shared purpose (mob, demonstrators), agriculture, the education industry, inmates, family legislation and the medical field.

Therefore, for the whole of your events forecasting for a Star 3 year, may consider Star 2 and Star 4:

Star 2

Star 2 governs the educational field, school, teacher, student, the medical field, hospital, hospitalization, doctor, nurse, caretaking industry. Star 2 is in agriculture, farming and farmers, provision, supplies, the act of fueling, (in)feed, food (distribution) and food industry, nourishment, famine, hunger strike, poisoning. Environment, environmental incidences, pollution. Food producing fields, including coal or gold mines, mining in general, mineshaft, mine workers, while also sky (birds), sea, river and lake (fish), ocean and ocean floor, including then deep sea mining. Star 2 is in ‘surface relied on for protection’, such as a bridge, dam, dike, wall, balustrade, balcony, theater stage, flooring, ship’s deck, landing strip, landing gear. Star 2 bodes provision, supplies, service, the act of fueling. It is in container, box, suitcase, backpack. Subterraneous hollow space in the broad sense of the word, such as cave, train or subway tunnel, parking garage, bunker, septic tank, sinkhole, including submarine. Star 2 represents homogeneous groups gathered around same organization or kitchen, including inmates (not jail8), or a group of people gathered if only for then momentary purpose, such as with a mob during demonstrations, labor strike or manifestations, migrants, refugees, evacuees, hostages, asylum seekers, prisoners of war, spectators. Fruit producing fields, including coal or gold mines, mining, mineshaft, mine workers, while also sky (birds), sea, river and lake (fish), ocean or river floor. Insurrection, act of mutiny, hijack, kidnapping. Star 2 mother (of all Gua), it is in family, marriage, committed relationship, spouse, homestead, women’s labor force, rural city, journalist, zoo. In personal 9 Ki, it may bode spouse m/f, your homestead, study. Stomach, Spleen, Pancreas, more predominantly Stomach, digestive system, belly, abdomen, womb, pregnant woman, flesh, muscle tissue, torso. Star 2 in company of – or to appear from opposite position of – Star 4 (4-2) may bode fueling2 problems related to an aircraft4, inmate2 breaks out by means of a rope4, underground launching facility2-4. Star 2 in company of Star 6 (6-2) may be a food2 silo6 or food2 truck6. Star 2 affiliated with Star 7 for a ship, then Star 9 for fuels, may indicate a transport for agricultural diesel oil.

Star 4

Star 4 is in turbulence, funneling, anything to excite air, pneumatics, the ability to breath, anything airborne and traveling through air from point A to point B, such just air, volatile substances, gasses, O2, CO2, while also a parcel, contagion, pollution, up to the spreading of documents or ideas. Star 4 is in aviation, airplane, aeronautics, space technology, missiles, projectiles, drone, the act of airstrike, shelling. Star 4 bodes airfield, post-office, wooden shed, rope, launching facility. In company of Star 7 (7-4), it may be flight4 carrier7. In company of – or appearing into opposite position of – Star 1 (1-4), it may be torrential rains, hurricane, cyclone, typhoon, wind park, Ferris wheel, roller-coaster, elevator, escalator, ski lift. It is in world trade, transportation, (un)wired tele-communication, the media, information, intelligence and security. Star 4 bodes documents and the written word in any shape or form, be they letters, contracts, treatises, emails, archives, written declarations, scriptures. Star 4 associates with chest, pulmonary system, thy, buttocks, hair, upper arm. Star 4 bodes meadow, pastures, shrubs. Star 4 breaths liberalism. Apart from its known attributes, Star 4 is a fairly gentle Star, compassionate and sociable, also a bit feeble.

Annual Star 4 is in Qian Palace for otherwise Star 6, which may read ‘sudden stop’ and may indicate collision, explosions and armed assault. The Palace would provide Star 4 with authority, so we may expect major merges between aviation companies, developments in aviation and space technology.

The Star 6 Luoshu Palace associates with labor strikes, so we may anticipate on labor strikes and labor unrest in the associated fields, such as pilots4 on strike, the mail and parcel industry. On same token and because the Star 6 Palace reads ‘business expands’, we may see major developments in engineering, then related to aviation, aeronautics, aerodynamics, world trade, the media, wind parks, merging of corporations.

Star 3 year by images

Star 3 Jade (Sān Bì – 三碧) is governed by Trigram Zhèn 震 – Thunder. Star 3 associates with planet Jupiter (Mù Xīng – 木星) as it further associates with Lu Cun (祿存) in the Big Dipper (Bei Dou 北斗).

Zhen Thunder associates with shake, quake, tremor, arousal, as also it can crack up things. In Wuxing Five Elements it associates with Wood, moving upward, as it can be hardly stopped or redirected. It is impulsive and it can move swiftly. Star 3 in company of Star 8 bodes earthquake, in company of Star 2, it can break a wall, dam, balcony or balustrade, while it may bode a kick with a leg3 in the belly2. In human behavior it associates with pioneering, creativity, flexibility, tolerance, gambling. If Liver affected, Star 3 may turn demanding, bold, upfront or aggressive, inflexible and intolerant and it won’t as an automation back away even in face of challenge.

Let’s at this point devote an important time-out moment, because before anything else
we want to ensure, that not we were ‘reading the Stars to fit the story’ just only so as to
make anything fit what were there in Luoshu. I can be rather meticulous myself not to.

Train accidents happen all the time, while labor strikes, being laid off or earthquakes just
the same, as the latter alone would occur by even their hundreds on any day.

Once as for a Star 3 year you mirror it your Luoshu against the news, while keep
monitoring yourself as from helicopter view, you indeed want to see it not just events with
regard to trains, railway industry and personnel, but would you want to see this inimitable
with a notable recurring incidence, more prevalent than for other years.

As far as I’m concerned, for as long as that secured, may you attribute it to 9 Ki, if you
see a knife attack on a school with Star combination 2-7, or as with Star combination 6-1
a car ends up in water, then with 6-3 a tree falls on top of a car, or for that matter
if at 8-4 you had to see it an airplane disappear into a building.

We now know that it will be our attention perhaps predominantly on a) Luoshu Trend, then b) those Stars that are on the Reversed Luoshu Axis for the year or alternately for a month.

Now that annual Star 3 decides on Luoshu Trend, we will see events relating to the railway industry and its personnel, uniformed personnel – more notably police -, ICT and computer technology, power stations, power outage, short-circuiting, trees and forests, thunderbolt.

While then annual Star 4 on the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis will involve aviation, aeronautics, space technology, projectiles, world trade, transportation, places of worship, message transmission, documentation, publications and archiving.

Expect more of attention pulled towards annual Star 2, as just as usually of course it covers its own fields, while now it is on the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis. To that respect and with regard to annual Star 2, then spread over the year and relative to varying monthly Stars, we will see events and turning points surrounding women’s affairs and women’s rights, notable events surrounding women in executive positions, lawyers and education, agriculture, food supplies, ocean floor, mining – included then deep sea mining – while do keep in mind Star 2’s “mob, or gathering of people if only for momentary purpose”.

Other Star 2 features suggest developments regarding human rights, international public law, humanitarian affairs and their organizations (Amnesty International, Doctors without Borders, Unicef), issues in the medical field, food distribution, supplies, so may expect persistent incidents at customs, blocking imports and exports, while expect massive migration, relocation of whole populations, the separation of young children from their families2<>4.

Once then it combined portents for Star 2 and Star 4, images emerge around the organization of school exams2-4, food dropping, infantry and paratroopers, significant developments in social media.

[As would be the case with then everything else in 9 Ki, and as you have just seen that Star 2 can
generally be associated with education, you’ll then follow monthly Star 2 through Luoshu, so that you’ll notice
that it visits annual Star 7 in September, and that you may see this more specifically in school financing].

Star 3 annual stars

Here we begin with some brief random samples done onto the annual Stars first, as these would appear in the respective Luoshu Palaces.

Annual Star 1 in Zhen Palace from opposite annual Star 5 in Dui Palace, same Luoshu Axis.

Zhen Palace bodes new beginnings, electricity, computer related, while annual Star 5 can take this to certain magnitude, not unlikely governmental.

Ocean1 or island1 incidents5. Star 1 is linked to sex, so we expect new developments there, but also in the chemical industry, perhaps medication. Closed communities5, likely religious1 may appear in the news. Star 1 people undertake new initiatives, while headed into – or moving away from – a community5 of sorts. Keep an eye out on Star 5 though as it may come to interfere.

Annual Star 2 appears ánd in Xun Palace, by that from opposite RLA Star 4.

We’ll recognize as events revolve around Star 2 and Star 4 (their combined) attributes.

Educational2 publications4, or with annual Star 4 in Qian Palace, legislation6 relating to education2, service industry2, medicine2, agriculture2. Food2 droppings4, airborne4 troops2. Mining2 incident involving volatile substances4. Mob2 harassed with tear gas4.

There would be strong attention around women’s rights, while also young children4 will be in the news, perhaps around nourishment or displacement issues. Star 2 people on a trip4 (go out fashion4 shopping :o), but now with annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, best to organize well in advance, along built-in certainties.

Annual Star 7 in Li Palace (exposure), from opposite Star 8 in Kan Palace.

Massive financial7 transactions in real estate7<>8. Financial schemes made public. Construction material8 falling overboard a ship7. Star combo 7-8 may bode a harbor, to involve ship7 incidents. Unearthing of utensils, coins, jewelry, sailing vessel. Star 7 people greater than life, may catch their moment of fame, while in entertainment may see a new female group emerge.

Now, if only for the purpose we were to grab back on Wuxing, here is as good an example as any, where some could caution it our Star 7 native against the ‘control’ to presumably come with Li Palace, now that it would be here controlled the Metal of Star 7 by the Fire of the Star 9 Palace.

Sure, while this might generate apprehension to invoke restraint in anyone, if not precious time and opportunity lost for an entire year, now that actually a bit more faithfully, if ‘a’ Palace or Star were to control your Star, it may be here gained resolve, authority, persuasiveness, thereby success in our endeavors, well, in the hope that, once stated as such, that would make sense.

To that respect, the question that I get to hear frequently is
“what to do”, “how to ward off”, or ‘which cure’ to use.

I won’t forget, a great person in class, but with troubled career, while during coffee break she shares with us, as where 3 different sources would have given her 5 different directions into which she weren’t supposed to travel, each time duly explained as to exactly why that should be so, as one source had inspired her, to place a certain item in a certain position in her kitchen, preferably green, touch the item three times daily while whisper, however, unless it resembled so-and-so.

As I am seeing an in fact everyday person with everyday talents, who’d be waking up every morning to simply a career-based work schedule within confines of what we deem reality, so I ask that she improves herself to do better the next day, right after it observed food intake, then chew well, until bowel movement improves, adjust her manners, so that her children view her from a different angle, take a rest, quite mundane actually, but until it is – beginning with metaphysics – everything back to just day to day common-sense, as everything held against the mirror of just identifiable cause and physics reality. In the end she concurred, that it is our systems of application in Oriental metaphysical for study, it then our daily whereabouts taken up as just welcomed duty.

Annual Star 9 in Kun Palace, from opposite annual Star 6 in Gen Palace.

Star 9 is good for ‘exposure’, while it may bring it the hidden to the surface. Annual Star 6 strongly ‘corporate’, ‘military’ or ‘auto industry’, may expect goings on to that respect. Be attentive on blazes, such as onto machinery6, auto industry6.

I suspect that Star 9 is closely there as inventions, or excavation happen.

Star 9 people may engage into studies, lecturing, relationship, if not to just enjoy those, then in preparation of next year’s ‘new beginnings’ in Zhen Palace.

Annual Star 6 in Gen Palace, from opposite annual Star 9 in Kun Palace.

With regard to news events, with then Kun Palace in opposite position good for family, spouse, homestead, education, agriculture, medicine, expect major revelations9 in these fields, as Star 9 highlights, and ‘brings to the surface’ what was hidden, perhaps judicial, notably related to the corporate field, the military.

Star 6 people in Gen Palace may go through lasting ‘revolution & change’.

Annual Star 8 in Kan Palace, from opposite annual Star 7 in Li Palace.

Star 8 is strongly ‘construction’ related – as in built structures of sorts -, this time in Kan Palace for (fall into) ‘depth’, so expect certain collapse, or your just common landslides, seaquakes.


Star 8 people may find themselves at somewhat retreat, at contemplation, may be reserved around financial matters, having expenses unexpectedly.

Annual Star 4 ‘Reversed’, from opposite annual Star 2.

In mind ‘annual Reversed Luoshu Axis’, you may reduce it Star 4’s and Star 2’s attributes, to find that massive populations2 would be held between Star 4 associations, such as being flown back and forth, caught between documents4, held up at airports4, while Star 4 in Qian Palace may bode a country’s constitution, declaration4 of independence for example.

We may expect telling new insights and laws in family and women’s rights, right down to international public law. Plane4 hijack6, plane4 crash6 in rural2 area, events to involve aeronautics4, space4 science. Star 4 people should just go ahead, albeit along perhaps a more advisable bit at the time, while planning ahead in light of RLA a bit more.

Annual Star 5 in Dui Palace, from opposite annual Star 1 in Zhen Palace.

Star 5 is in ‘massive constructions’, such as governmental institutions, gated communities of sort, can be a concrete fortress type building. Star combo 1-5 could invoke chemical incidents, drugs, pharma related, while we may be seeing eye-catching construction5 to rise up at sea1. Now with Star 5 in Dui Palace for Star 7 and sailing vessel, while from opposite Star 1 for sea or island, may have maritime – naval – activity.

Predicament in the financial market, stock market challenges. Star 5 people in Dui Palace will be good at organizing and planning, may expand on last year’s career success.



The Star 3 year kicks off in the Star 5 month for February, so we take the monthly Stars to the right hand side of the annual Stars, while the February Luoshu will come as identical to Luoshu for November.

We will see events evolve in the news that closely relate to the 3-5 combination. Star 5 may involve positive news as much as it may be with negative news.

Star 5 can be notably egotistical in the sense that it would be much centralized around ‘me’, so Star 5 related events would revolve around ego, my people, my ethnicity, my religion or my traditions, my territory. It can bring about the best from within human kind and it can surface as conflict.

As it is, Star 3 can be notorious for causing rather impulsive matters of its own, thus making the 3-5 combination a dynamic one.

The combination 3-5 at the central Luoshu Palace, could be taken for a notable event involving a railway station or as it may be inherently an assault on police.

Notable will be the SE-NW Luoshu Axis, with Star configurations to suggest labor strike6 in Star 4 related industries, such as we’d see incidents in the aviation4 industry, to likely involve service personnel2, including pilots, aircrew and maintenance.


Luoshu Star configuration for March, which will be identical to that of December.

Not just because Star 4 covers a wide string of Trigram attributes, but now with monthly Star 5 arriving the Southeast-Northwest annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, this month may be particularly eventful, in more than one respect. While on to your gathering news events, you would be also noting monthly Star 8 and monthly Star 9 along the North-South monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis, as such combining portents of Stars 2,4,8 and 9, onto which the latter you will here find quick reference.

As then you stay close to the news for March, try see how properties of those Stars to engage on the annual- and monthly Reversed Luoshu Axes would combine.

Star 8

Star 8 may bode built structures, buildings by and large, real estate, property, mortgage, mountain. It may be in a prominent building, albeit sometimes it required affiliation to enter (key, entry pass). Star 8 is in cave, small stones, open gate, corridor, unmarked as such passage-through. Star 8 may involve in earthquake, while in company of Star 1 it may bode landslide, seaquake. Star 8 is where revolution is, where change may be enforced, seeking closure on events. Star 8 is in massive demonstrations, public unrest, rioting and looting, mostly related to not just politics, but ethnic conflict, conservatism. In company of – or to appear from opposite – Star 9, Star 8 may bode volcano, oil9 platform8, or a building on fire.

Star 9

Star 9 is highly radiant and it may take things to exposure. It is inflammable and in inflammable substances, may instigate blaze. It is in fully armored personnel, riot police, armored vehicles. With annual Star 7 for singing and performing in Li Palace for fame and visibility, this may come to respect of our own Dutch singer Emma Kok, who is a 15-years of age 1.7.8 in Nine Star Ki, and currently on a global tour.


April will be a Star 3 month, it has identical Luoshu as for January of the following year.

Annual- and monthly Star charts are identical, implying that, whatever a Star in a certain Palace is set out to do for the year, would be endorsed by the month.

In other words, if you are a Star 1 native and in for some new beginnings in Zhen Palace for Star 3, and once not these new beginnings had materialized in the months of February or March, such changes could take effect along this month’s Star configuration.

This also means that anyone should take extra care to follow up on any opportunities, or be alert if the Palace that one’s Stars reside in suggests inauspiciousness, perhaps more notably so, with Stars on the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis and/or once aligned with Star 5.

For example, Star 8 is in Kan Palace for the year and people with this Star should best be focused inwardly and take time out for contemplation, house cleaning, or bring it their finances on order, in other words they should be minding inner initiative rather than bursting out in more extroverted initiatives. This is not to mean that, if you are a Star 8 native, you would quit work, but that you may need to reserve some time out from your usual agenda to be minding the house. Star 8 may anticipate on money invested or loss of money – due to monthly Star 7 into opposite position -, which may come about this month, such then likely related to a built structure, perhaps to concern of renovation, while now that Star 8 is scholarly and keen on research, may find yourself surrounded by books, both as a reader and an author.

With respect to news events, double 8 in the Star 1 Palace pulls our attention towards probable construction related events having to do with water, depth, or fall into depth.

This may include prominent buildings such as governmental buildings, palaces, but can bode an island being built in water or – if we combine the double 8 in Water with double 4 in the Star 6 Palace -, the construction – or the decision to construct – an airfield at sea.

Again, any portents may instigate both positive and negative events, while with Star 8 so prominently in Kan Palace, may we see seaquakes, flooding of buildings, flooding of mountainous area, landslides.

Annual- and monthly Star 3 in the central Palace, will once more pull our attention to railway industry, railway stations, the subway system, so any event surrounding commuter stations may occur, more particularly so when Star 5 or Star 6 visit the central Luoshu Palace for a day.


May will be a Star 2 month.

Star 2 is utterly versatile, as it represents many things that may not seem related when first you encountered its portents. In principle, it is easy to understand that Star 2 represents farms, agricultural fields or teachers and because Star 2 is known to be quite nourishing we may also appreciate why Star 2 then represents medical personnel, a nurse.

It becomes a little different when we hear that Star 2 is also inmates, or even birds and fish.

If you keep in mind that, by itself, Star 2 would not denote a prison or prison building – because this would require Star 8 -, inmates as such may come under Star 2, as they form a homogeneous group of people relying on a centralized organization and common kitchen for provision and ‘inmate’ would thereby resort under Star 2.

For reason that Star 2 is fruit, it is also fruit producing fields. Therefore, Star 2 governs labor mines, miners and in a sense the produce – gold, silver, salt, coal – harvested from these mines. Since air and sea are fruit producing fields also, birds and fish as a group may for that aspect in general come under Star 2.

Here you are witness to a wondrous demonstration of how 9 Stars – or Trigrams if you will – can be interpreted, on the one hand by their explicit meaning, then more so by their intrinsic meaning.

Monthly Star 2 in the central Luoshu Palace as such triggers In Prison-Out of In Prison, as in saying ‘mob in the streets’. To this respect, we may see gatherings of people, be they demonstrators, evacuees, hostages, as well as we may see migration, displacement of population.

Once it centralized around Star 2 therefore, you would encounter news pertaining women, farmers, miners, events surrounding prisoners, refugees, evacuees, the educational system, health industry.

Each time as we see it Star 2 in the – as so presumed – central Luoshu Palace, we may be on the lookout for parents induced violence upon their children.

Still, now with Star 2 to meet Star 1 in Xun Palace, while if then also daily Star 6 would arrive, may have you anticipate on a photo in the newspaper showing a food2 truck6 involved in an accident and then spilled1 food on the highway. This could then more typically occur with such clustering of Stars in the Star 4 Palace, the more as Star 4 relates to transportation.

As you gather news, you may note the monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis, with monthly Star 8 in Kun Palace, opposite its original Palace in Luoshu. By residing in the Star 2 Palace, it then allows monthly Star 5 to meet Star 6 in the Star 8 Palace, probably giving Star 6 a headache without being able to come to its rescue. This may lead us to expect public uproar, demonstrations in open areas, because there is no building8, so events happen away from buildings.


June will be a Star 1 month.

Star 1 represents the lowest point of rising and falling energy, so planetary atmosphere will be going through this phase.

If we combine Star 3’s portent of electricity and Star 1’s portent of leaking energy, it becomes easy to see why for this month trains – and the like – may experience power failure.

Whenever 3 and 1 meet we may expect power cuts.

Note this month for the June Solstice also, on which day we will see two daily Stars in 9 Ki, now that here the daily cycle will change over from ascending to descending until December Solstice, when the daily cycle will change over from descending to ascending.

It would be a good idea if you marked such days in your agenda and also those days just preceding the start of Solar months, and try being conservative in planning any important initiatives. Terrestrial forces, atmospheric conditions – and as a consequence your personal magnetism – may be just off enough so, for anyone to be feeling a bit feeble, ambivalent. You can imagine how nature just prior to a change of one monthly Star to the next monthly Star may be indecisive as to what exactly the current energy is and may be needing time to regain momentum just after a change over from a Star 3 to a Star 2 month and you can imagine how this may be also affecting your personal magnetism and performance.

Because Star 1 meets the central Luoshu Palace, we may expect events surrounding pregnancy1 and abortion1. We have special regard for Star 6 that appears in the Star 1 Palace and opposite Star 5 in the Star 9 Luoshu Palace, which would most certainly render bus6 and car6 accidents5 with vehicles more particularly ending up in water, whether these vehicles will fall off bridges, plunge into ditches, into ravines or into any other depth.

Another portent of Star 1 in the central Palace, combined with our assessment of Star 8 meeting up with Star 1 in the Star 3 Palace, roamed off once more by Star 6 in the Star Palace and opposite Star 5 may be any type of sex scandal, highly likely to be involving authoritative people, such as religious figures and politicians.

Demonstrations by teachers, nurses, agricultural events, outbreak of inmates, hunger strike, all invoked by monthly Star 2 in the Star 6 Luoshu Palace, as such then reversed then also. To stay within context of world affairs, may we see the timely release and exchange of hostages.

Plane4 crashes are likely for mountainous8 areas.


July will be a Star 9 month.

Star 9 owns the property of being able to take anything into high radiance, especially matters that have been lingering already, but it can also bring about obscure matters to become visible, exposed.

Star 9 may denote any inflammable substances imaginable, such as oil, gasoline, chemical substances, as well as Star 9 may bode related objects such as pipe lines if accompanied by Star 6, fuel stations or oil platforms if accompanied by Star 8.

As you note Star 5 in the Star 1 Luoshu Palace, you may encounter construction5 related events related to water, such as oil9 platforms in trouble, or, in mind monthly Star 4 for aeronautics to appear in the Star 9 Palace opposite monthly Star 5, problems with airfields, airplanes or missile plants, can be scandal to involve performers.

On a global scale we may anticipate on fires, news surrounding chemical factories and stock4-7 market movements.

It goes without saying that fires do not occur under the influence of Star 9 alone, as neither one of Stars will have exclusive mandate over certain events. Fires occur for any year, month or day, but you may still find the news typically inclined towards certain distinct Star related matters. One rather immediate image we could derive from the Stars at the central Luoshu Palace is, we would expect a railway station, a train of metro on fire.

We may expect earthquakes and landslides if considered the Star gathering in both the Star 1 Palace and the Star 4 Palace.

Since it is a Star 3 year and Star 3 at the central Luoshu Palace is impulsive and can become aggressive, this portent may be strengthened by the highly charged visitor monthly Star 9.

This could be indication for armed conflict, armored vehicles, armored police. If then we wish to find armed conflict, we note monthly Star 5 in Kan Palace, from opposite Star 4 for missiles, more specifically airborne projectiles.

If you are a Star 5 native, you may want to take matters a bit easy this month.

If you are a Star 5, perhaps one of your children will be moving out to live on their own, probably a daughter4.

We may see famine2, requiring substantial financial7 injection, but such financial aid – or food provisions – to likely be to no avail due to monthly Star 7 appearing on the monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis.

The Star 8 Luoshu Palace hosts monthly Star 3 and annual Star 6, while the opposite Star 2 Palace was hosting annual Star 9 and monthly Star 6. You can imagine an invention3 related to metal or engines6, as well as significant events with the railway3 or electric3 power industry.


August will be a Star 8 month.

Star 8 carries rather strong indication for massive civil unrest, interethnic predicament, involving rioting and looting. We know that Star 8 depicts built structures in general and more specifically also public or official buildings. The type of building may be further flavored by the accompanying Star, such as in this case annual Star 3 and monthly Star 8 to join at the central Luoshu Palace. Star 8 may be research, scientific endeavors and Star 3 may be inventions, so this leads us to anticipate on events related to the academic field.

Monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis appears along – an as such inferred – Northeast-Southwest Luoshu Axis, taking monthly Star 2 to the Star 8 Luoshu Palace, suggestive for displaced people, refugees, hostages.

This may become subtle once you’d care to sit with annual- and monthly Luoshu to screen it your news channels, as one of more intangible properties of Star 2 seems to be corridor, or a border crossing, but that was not really there, while Star 8 may come as ‘open gate’.

Monthly Star 4 in Kan Palace, indicates plane crash in sea.

In mind annual Star 2 and monthly Star 7 in the Star 4 Luoshu Palace, then furthermore annual Star 8 and monthly Star 4 to join in the Star 1 Luoshu Palace, we may see a school2 debacle, to involve knife7 stabbing. The knife7 might have been hidden in a container2<7, such as a locker, a suitcase or a backpack.


September in a Star year will be a Star 7 month.

As monthly Star 7 will join annual Star 3 in the central Luoshu Palace, one most peculiar occurrence that you would be able to note several times this month, is all kinds of events involving knives and swords.

Not just that, those events would come as related to trains, train stations and police, predominantly. We’d have seen such events along identical Luoshu, one time even as someone were waving a toy sword at a police officer in the street.

In mind annual Star 2 and monthly Star 6 in Xun Palace, then furthermore annual Star 4 and monthly Star 8 to join in the Star 6 Luoshu Palace, we may see a school2 debacle, to involve shooting6. , while should this occur, it may well involve a hospital or airfield.

Besides violent robbery, Star 7 is notorious also for ‘demolished structures’, so now that it is in company of Star 3, such eligible structures would be commuter stations, police stations, electrical power plants, high-rise buildings.

Star 7 may depict a young woman. As you can see, Star 7 appears in the Star 9 Palace for the year, so we are expecting females in the news and this will be confirmed by the monthly Star configuration. This may be a female singer, because Star 7 governs the mouth and pertains to singing.


October will be a Star 6 month.

Star 6 represents elderly men, people in authoritative positions, corporations, the military, militant groups.

If you tune in to the Star 7 Palace, events can reach climax with Star 8 now visiting annual Star 5, because Star 8 depicts immovability and revolutionary change. The Star combo 5-8 by its more negative connotation, may be relating to ethnic issues.

Star combination 1-4 in opposite position in the Star 3 Luoshu Palace, will be strong indication for hurricane, typhoon.


We may give a broad overview of certain forecasting that can be done for personal life progression for a Star 3 Wood year, based on one’s Star position in the annual Luoshu, while it incorporated the annual Star into opposite position where applicable.

Star 1

Star 1 natives occupy the Star 3 Palace for the year, which may read as: “new impulse in an existing activity”. Well, that could just as easily be a whole new venture, but typically the Star 3 Palace may provide you with new initiatives, new pastures. The Star 3 Palace comes under expansive forces, it is extroverted, enthusiastic, enterprising, while can be impulsive, aimed at socializing. This will invite Star 1 into news projects, creativity, awakening Star 1’s talents and aspirations.

Mind that Star 1 finds itself from opposite annual Star 5 which may depict two things. Star 5 may come as unexpected events, drawback, or as something stalled, which means that, if we are planning, we would build in the likelihood of setback, then make sure we’re able to decide swiftly, then carry on. Careful – unhurried – planning ahead and ad hoc decisions once so necessitated by circumstances will be good to ward off the Star 5 influence.

However, that would be back as always to negative portents, especially in case of Star 5, which is known more for being a bad actor. Do not underestimate what immense strength and resolve Star 5 may deliver just the same, as he was not seen as general for no reason.

Now that as a Star 1 person, you may venture it new pastures, that may come out to be literal, now that Star 1 appears from opposite Star 5 for community, until in a manner of speaking, we can envision it Star 1 to ‘move away’ from Star 5, or his base whereabouts.

Star 1 may change address or move about a lot between home and work, or may be dispatched. Good to buy a house, but have a close look at documents and contracts involved. Of course we can see how Star 1 will be in for some new beginnings, his basic temperament able to do thorough planning, but this year perhaps tempted also into impulsiveness, so that Star 1 natives must guard against playfulness and gambling.

Star 2

We may highlight the Star 4 and Star 6 Palace for a bit more, to accentuate annual Reversed Luoshu Axis.

Just as Star 2 is versatile, Star 4 will be known for many diverse attributes. Star 4 may relate to documents and books, so you may find yourself reading and writing. You can scale up your knowledge and skills by taking courses and training, while the Star 4 Palace is good also for going on a trip, likely by airplane.

The Star 4 Palace may be feeble as also it reads ‘steady progress’, so you may caution against all too rash decisions.

As said, Star 4 may be on a trip of sorts, while mind it Reversed Luoshu Axis, now that the opposite Star 4 bodes documents, which can come as your travel documents at an unforeseen circumstance, which could hamper your trip, so if you are in need of a passport, apply for it in time and don’t feel shy to check and double-check progress.

Good to be moving forward, but also mind certain possible lows and times needed for contemplation. Can fall pregnant. May need to let go of a friend in favor of another. Whatever the upward and outward movements cast upon Star 2 in the Star 4 Palace, it is good to maintain Star 2’s usual calm type demeanor and maintain a sense for fellowship.

A good time for compassion, socializing and making new acquaintances.

Star 3

Star 3 into central position, times may be ambivalent. Star 3 may feel set aside from a deck of cards well into the better part of the year. May involve confusion of speech, you know, where just you made sure to formulate clearly and unmistakably, then still the other side sortof didn’t ‘hear’.

It is pretty difficult for Star 3 to be yielding and to give in to external influences.

Yet even Star 3 may be having trouble finding the oars, feeling disoriented a good part of the year. On the other hand, this may be positive, as it is a good time for minding your resources.

It is a good time to recalibrate, to reflect on your life path, one’s aspirations and objectives, this certainly professionally also, now that the following year, you will step into the Star 6 Palace, which bodes good for authority and ‘boost in career’.

Try and postpone all too rash or long-term decisions until around October or November, then use the latter part of the year to plan ahead for said next year. Mind Pancreas, digestive system, food intake in general, exercise.

Pretty much against Star 3’s basic nature, it may be good to take in other people’s advice.

Star 4

Star 4 finds itself in the Star 6 Palace, on the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis. While still very much enjoying the authority, leadership, planning abilities and personal and career success so closely associated with the Star 6 Palace, Star 4 natives may sense restraint and discipline imposed on them.

Star 4 is much more lenient and laid-back by nature, than the management and ‘rules’ (well, military drill :o)  of Qian Palace would suppose.

It may be a matter of, will Star 4 feel restricted, or may the somewhat more contracting energy of the Palace invite to get it organized certain matters both privately and professionally?

Generally, 4 Wood is fairly gentle, sociable and certain Star 4 natives may have a hard time establishing themselves in the Star 6 Palace – as such by the way, seen as completely separate from the reversed aspect – which compared to their basic temperament may seem demanding, stern and bold.

On the other hand, however much in general Star 4 people may seem feeble and indecisive – much of their professional careers based in social structures -, Star 4 may reconnect with his inner drive and motive and Star 4 may be much on to punctuality and strategic planning. This will come in handy this year as they can ‘refill’ on authority and resolve.

Star 5

Star 5 is in the Star 7 Luoshu Palace for the year. Star 5 may continue to reap into last year’s success, and build on that.

Star 5 can involve in financial matters, management and positioning his name, even re-establishing a new name for himself.

Efforts must be aimed strongly toward success and long term decision making and it is a good time to ask and receive credit, either financially or socially.

Star 6

Star 6 in Gen Palace for revolution & change.

May change course on more ways than one, privately and professionally.

The Star 8 is good in burning old bridges.

As we know, the Star 8 Palace may introduce (in)voluntarily changes to involve matters long taken for granted, such as our marriage, career, diet and even our religious outlook.

On the other hand, there is great understanding between Star 6 and Star 8, so when we proceed from calmness, carefully monitoring whatever occurrences may be presented to us and furthermore with the patience and clear-mindedness to take care of what needs be taken care of, while if need be, postpone decisions, this may lead to new horizons, to be taken into further success next year. Good for scholarly type activities, due self-reflection. Need due exercise.

Star 7

Star 7 resides in the Star 9, while may feel ambitious and outgoing.

Not only is this a great time for getting one’s name out there, extroverted activities, socializing, networking, Star 7 may feel very much in the saddle.

Star 7 will be able to present himself or his niche to large audiences, spending time away from home most likely, however, he may have to guard himself against gossip and slander.

It is a good time to travel, while at the same time not to neglect spouse, one’s family, the mother. When on the move, Star 7 may bring study books.

Star 8

Star 8 natives find themselves in the Star 1 Palace for the year, which must caution them against too much work or activity. This may be a good time to pull back a bit from your usual activities, adapt your agenda, while reserve ample time for contemplation and self-reflection. Taking time out from their usual working schedule will not be an easy task for these otherwise steady and laborious people, yet the Water energy must be understood and be given a chance to work from within Star 8.

It is good to move forward but just recognize the moments that you should best retreat, do inner work, either in the house or taking time off to spend in a wooden house in some forest type environment. You will find yourself surrounded by books, documents, doing research, then writing of your own.

Star 9

Star 9 in Kun Palace for Star 2, this will be a superb time for study and self-development.

This year, initially, Star 9 natives may be recovering from some of last year’s setbacks, so they may take time out to take it easy, spend time supporting their spouse, direct family, mother, their immediate environment, at least the first part of the year, while it minded diet and food intake.

The Star 2 Palace is a time for studies indeed, and improving one’s skills par excellence, so Star 9 must take advantage of this, so that next year’s new activity may come with a boost.

Star 9 may stumble upon unexpected business type opportunities, perhaps not readily discernable or obvious at first but at closer look they may meet opportunities through which they may be able to advance their leadership qualities and they may be dealing with their father or their employer.


See how you may mirror it your Star(s) of birth against Luoshu for February and March. I’m deliberately showing February and March only, from the confidence that you’ll find more syntax for events forecasting, now as you read other Stars not your own.


Star 1

The ‘new impulse in an existing activity’ as so provided by the Star 3 Palace for the year, would be endorsed by monthly Star 3 to come visit your Star 1.

Therefore, this month only the more would seem the exact time to follow it impulses you feel from within to explore, and to take advantage of opportunities that are presented to you.

Your Star 1 resides in the Star 1 Palace to find itself from opposite Star 9 and Star 7, while in fact, for the duration of this month’s Luoshu configuration, your Star 1 will appear as aligned with Star 7 twice, while one time Star 5 involved then furthermore, until it might not hurt as you took another look at your expenses and budget.

Do not doubt your hunches, your intuition and self-selected horizon, as everything will turn out fine.

Star 2

Two eye catching 9 Ki dynamics would be noted here, where first we’d be in mind a) the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, while for this month – and November for that matter -, b) an already reversed Star 4 appears from opposite itself.

This, touched on very briefly, may imply that certain characteristics usually attributed to a Star, would be going back & forth, or will be exchanged.

You might as such be expecting to receive an important document, or parcel, probably relating to your professional career2<>6, while chances are that this parcel or document doesn’t arrive.

It may be a good idea as would you hold back a bit more on all too important activities or decisions, as rather would you postpone until past this Luoshu, to spend time around the house minding just your own.

Should there be no way around making certain important steps, ask someone else in your name, that is not involved in Reversed Luoshu Axis. As absurd as it may sound, but if you were to order it a flight to somewhere (with our Star in the Star 4 Palace, may well go on a trip), you may end up with all crazy tickets, while with person sitting next to you doing the ordering in your name, everything would turn out just hunky-dory.

It is good to spend time and confide in others in case you need advice on how to proceed, especially with close family members. You may be spending time home unexpectedly, be that to mingle with family, or as you retreat for studies. You would mind your health this month, particularly any vulnerabilities relating to the chest area, reproductive organs.

Star 3

The year will start off actively enterprising now with your Star to visit the Star 3 Palace for the month. Do note, however, that your Star 3 is in orchestration with Star 5 threefold: once as Star 3 appears from opposite annual Star 5 for the month, then as Star 3 associates with Star 5 in the central Palace, while another time, as you would pull it your Star 3 birth chart, to locate it your birth Star 5 in your birth charts’ Star 7 Palace, until for this month of February, you might want to involve it ample planning ahead.

Remains that this month is good to go outside to meet people, set new ventures, as it is a frolic enough time.

Star 4

By now you’ll have gathered, that the so-called Southeast-Northwest Luoshu Axis holds the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, so with now your Star 4 on this Luoshu Axis, it takes little convincing as perhaps best would you hold back.

If we abandon it the very idea of reversed, what stays is that your Star 4 resides in the Star 6 Luoshu Palace, which as it is, is good for boost in career, or to even start it or improve your own company.

As usual, the Star 6 Palace is good on your authority, while in mind the reversed aspect still, it may be that your position will be questioned, or that you may reap it opposite result from what initially you set out to do.

Annual Star 2 tells us, that you may travel to lecture, or study, while also it may indicate your active writing, perhaps a business plan or some thesis.

Any authority, promotion or career advancement that may befall you, you may want to approach from ample prudence, because you may be dealing with ambitions and issues that you may usually find are a little above your gentle basic tolerance.

Star 5

You may expand your career, also now that in a way there seems a string between the Star 6 and Star 7 Palaces.

You are in the Star 7 Palace, which means we may expect you to stumble upon money opportunities and this will be confirmed this month with Star 7 to join you in its own Palace. Prospects for you are quite good for the year and specifically for this month.

You may be investing money on buildings or buying land this month, possibly using the services of a third person to handle the contract involved in your name.

The year and again this month, you will have great opportunities to establish a name for yourself in anything you pursuit, so take advantage of this. Your reputation and credibility would reach heights.

Star 6

We have already prepared you for certain changes that may befall you this year, due to your Star in Gen Palace and it seems clear how these changes will become evident already this month, with monthly Star 8 visiting Star 6.

You may be moving away from your homestead6<>2.


Be only sure that the Star 8 Palace may come with introspection, that would have you examine your personality, your personal and professional situation, as also, you may feel torn between your usual duties and activities that would suppose much more inner work, such as some philosophical or religious contemplation. You may be on to making some tough choices. Your Star will be on the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis for the month, which may indicate writing of reports, traveling, strategic and commercial planning of your career. A dynamic month with some clear decision making and burning of old bridges stretched out before you.

Star 7

This month Star 7 visits its own Luoshu Palace where you will meet up with annual Star 5. It may portent certain unexpected trouble that you will be hardly able to avoid. You may feel demanding pressure to come with this problem, moreover because Star 9 visits your Star in the Star 9 Palace for the month.

If we draw your Star 7 Birth Chart, your Star for the month appears from opposite Birth Star 5, indicating that whatever direction you may be

moving into in order to stay ahead of trouble, there seems to be no way around dealing with at least some this month. Be mindful therefore with whom you mingle and be rested and ready.

On the other hand, it may just as well be, now that you reap it resolve and authority from Star 5, so if you had to stand firm on something, now is the time to pull it.

You will be probably moving away from home on some assignment and you may not be feeling good about the move, which may be involuntary. On the other hand, if you are in business, this month may be good for presentations, being exposed to an audience and you may be doing this with much authority and conviction.

Star 8

Your Star for the year resides in the Star 1 Palace and your Star for the month is visited by Star 1, which may caution you to pull back from society a little.

At the start of February you may want to take a few days to see what the energy of the 1 Water Palace may have in store for you, which is good also, as you could be minding matters that usually you are too busy for, like (paint) work around the house, or look up friends.

Or as you may reflect on past Luoshu that are identical to this one and see what it had brought you. In principle your Star and Star 1 are hardly friends, however, at least for the month you seem well anchored in your own Palace, meeting up with annual Star 6, which is a favorable combination. You may be dealing with some decision making related to your career. You may spend time around your family. If you are a woman, this is as good a time as any to fall pregnant. You may be connecting to your deeper world, contemplating life, your endeavors, probably busy doing some writing or dancing. If any contract is involved, you must be careful before signing anything. This is a good month for you to remain active but keep it low profile.

Star 9

Your Star for the year resides in the Star 2 Palace, which we know portents not just studies but as you may also connect to your family, more specifically parents, or even your (grand)mother.

For the month Star 9 visits its own Luoshu Palace and meets up with annual Star 7, which represents money. You will be in a good time for marketing, and to take it something out there, if you wanted it to be known.

Kun Palace may provide you with an otherwise calm month in which you can freely move and take care of some basic dynamics, such as minding your diet, finances, house, meeting friends. Li Palace brings with it cause for celebrating.


Star 1

First note all the new positions taken in by the monthly Stars, primarily your own. Note as monthly Star 2 visits you in the Star 3 Palace, while monthly Star 6 is in opposite position. Star 1 will see the Star 2 Palace for the month, which has you appear from opposite Star 6 another time.

Obtain a first idea of what these Star combinations may be holding in store for you and note that Star 6 is generically good on management, self-discipline, aimed at business endeavors.

Now that this is an active and delighted year, what springs to mind first is an opportunity for you to study2, but related to some professional6 assignment.

If you happen to be self-employed you may be taking up on some opportunity, invitation or assignment to study, lecture or teach. If you are employed, your employer6 may be dispatching you.

In any case, we can say that your Star 1 in Zhen Palace is in a manner of speaking ‘moving away’ from the Star 7 Palace and as such moving away from events and portents portrayed by the Stars there, such as the combination 5-6 perhaps pointing to an authoritative6 building5, i.e. the building you normally work out from, or a community that you are a member of.

Studies are furthermore confirmed by the Star 2 Palace, with now your Star 1 residing there for the month. The Star 2 Palace typically hosts portents for study.

Note that your Star for the month appears from opposite monthly Star 7 and annual Star 6, another confirmation for management and professional assignment. Money7 may be involved because the monthly Star 7 depicts finance, while of course you will care to be not overspending. You may find yourself spending time in a school building or a library.

Star 2

As your Star resides in Xun Palace for the year, this month your Star 2 will be visited by monthly Star 3.

You may sense a rather sudden need for exploration.

Between Star 3 and Star 4, the latter may be fairly more outwardly inclined, but if you can withstand the always on the move Star 3, you will like the spontaneity.

Usually, spontaneity, impulsiveness or boldness may hardly come natural to a Star 2 native, which is much too thoughtful, stable and detail-minded to be stumbling into all kinds of adventures. This time, and perhaps against all odds, you may find yourself involved in projects with no known outcome and you may be either enjoying the ride or you may feel as landed on a strange ship, not sure about destination. Yet, if you think before act, have a close look out on the opposite Star 5 in the Star 6 Palace, you may harvest ambition and gain authority.

However, if the month compromises you in any way, note that challenges may reach you unexpectedly and ‘from behind’ – your Star for the month moves away from monthly Star 5 – and you may be dealing with two difficulties simultaneously, one imposed on you by Star 4 type events – or a woman -, one cast upon you by 3 Wood events – or a man.

Star 3

Once more notice Star 5 relations you may be tapping into this month. First we find Star 3 in the central Palace, home to 5 Yellow, for the year. For the month Star 3 reaches the Star 4 Palace, to render Star 3 from opposite monthly Star 5.

Interestingly, if we compare with last month’s Luoshu, any problem you had to deal with last month was because Star 5 had joined you in the central Palace.

Any such problem may now have been dealt with or moved on to another level, because Star 5 has now moved to the Star 6 Palace. Yet, you may feel caught in between matters because Star 5 may have moved farther away from you, you are still opposite Star 5 for the month, so still dealing with some aftermath. The month may therefore be eventful.

Then, if at all you had been in fact dealing with any kind of obstruction, this month things may just as well improve because you are now joined by an ally. Star 4 will either way come to your assistance, probably in the form of some document4.

Then, what stronger hint towards traveling4 can you imagine, now that your Star 3 relates to Star 4 four times: Star 3 in Xun Palace for the month, monthly Star 4 to visit Star 3 in the central Palace, Star 3 opposite annual Star 4 for the month and we will of course find your Birth Star 4 in the Star 6 Palace as seen from the Birth Chart of Star 3. That said, you will of course be minding the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis.

If Star 4 here points to documents, contracts or parcels, you may be dealing with a lot of paperwork this month and from a lot of directions. Read carefully into small print as you engage into any enterprise because, remember, opposite Star 5 may bring unexpected events.

Star 4

This month your Star resides in the central Luoshu Palace, while it would be around now that you’ll have an idea if annual Reversed Luoshu Axis had taken it any effect, while if so, this is a good month to step back for a bit more, especially hold back on busy schedule.

You may be devoting time to domestic affairs and the fact that your Star 4 is visited by Star 5 for the month in Qian Palace may lead to the suggestion also that you stay alert.

As usually both your Star 4 and Qian Palace are good for professionalism, we keep in mind the reversed aspect, so until just you went ahead with everything, while stay observant.

A good month therefore to hold back and take things one step at the time and not let it yourself be tempted into any rashness. Any money making opportunities should be well investigated into before at all you agreed to any deal, so you must guard anyone’s prospects fulfilled. You may want to consult a friend for advice. If you are into obtaining a better position, you may be meeting competition and although you may be on the winning team, this may give you some unexpected challenges. Mind matters of ethics and make sure your decisions are philosophically sound and unimposing.

Star 5

You may be on a business trip this month, or otherwise on the move to getting things done, which may well be teaching now with your Star aligning with Star 2 twofold, until you may find yourself in front of an audience, giving lecture, college, conduct classes.

Ten to one you will be dealing with some type of contract, but you may be faced with two documents that you would then need select the better one for being more non-conflicting.

This is a good month to proceed where you had taken off last month as matters will be fortunate to you, although you may be away from home a lot in order to collect success.

You can present a business plan or propose it some type of strategy to your associates, which will be received well and implemented, and you can do some successful networking this month as well, as others will understand you and offer their support. Don’t forget to offer support to your environment, but don’t be demanding, be altruistic.

Star 6

Star 6 may be this month seeing some slight romance, due to monthly Star 7 to visit the Star 8 Palace for the month, moreover with monthly Star 6 in Dui Palace for easy going.

Monthly Star 7 to visit Star 6 in the Star 8 Palace carries money opportunities, which may indicate inheritance8 or finances involving home or property.


Because Birth Star 9 can be found in the Star 8 Palace in 6 Metal’s Birth Chart, money may be invested also in promotion, reputation, the publication of a book, so this may be a busy time for Star 6 natives. The Star 8 Palace can be quite friendly to Star 6, nonetheless coming with decisive changes. We must mind, however, that Star 6 for the month reaches 5 Yellow in the Star 7 Palace and Star 6 people must be careful therefore not to be causing any problems or nuisance, especially in their relationship because of the 1-2 cluster in Zhen Palace. Star 6 may be prone to gossip and mismanagement. Be mindful so that others can keep track of your adventures, your decisions.

Star 7

By now you will have gathered the brightness of Li Palace for the year, while this month with your Star in Gen Palace, you may be dealing with several changes, imposed on you from different directions.

This may be challenging your mental alertness, because you will be doing some swift decision-making. Changes are of course implied by Star 8 and you have a triple meeting with this Star.

You may be moving house because your Star 7 for the month visits the Star 8 Palace, or may you change jobs or vocation, because you are also touching upon annual Star 6.

In mind that Star 7 positions in the Star 9 Palace for the year, not only is your Star 7 visited by Star 8 for the month, your Star is opposite annual Star 8 in Kan Palace.

This can be a very strong and decisive month, so if you had anything up your sleeve, this is perhaps the best time to strike.

Your basic approach this month should be to really sense whether this month brings you auspiciousness or you may notice that your adventures are unfavorable to you. In latter case, this may be due to the monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis and you must profoundly hold back, while if you notice no obstructions you can’t be pro-active enough to reach out and collect your riches.

Star 8

This may be an ambivalent time, as one part of you wants to be out there, to mingle with others and minding your networking, while yet another part says to sit still and remain in the security of your home.

This is due to your Star occupying both the Star 9 Palace and the Star 1 Palace, as also you’ll note it the monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis.

Your house may be financially burdening you, for example because of some planned or unexpected renovation8.

Either way, if there are written agreements involved, take another look at those, just as you may want to review your insurances. You may wish to select a string of at least 3 or 4 days to go on a holiday, while as you waive it all those objections that usually you use as ‘proof’ against doing just that, visit friends and family and use this time for resting and writing.

Mind the monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis.

Star 9

Reserve time out of your usual agenda to allow for a genuine rest. Make adaptations to your schedule and devote this time completely to yourself. As it is, the Star 1 Palace may be the lowest point of waning energy, but to you it may be time for hibernation. Stay low and don’t take any chances, the Star 1 Palace is host to your Birth Chart’s 5 Yellow. This can be a religiously or sexually challenging time and you want to do some contemplation, choosing right direction only.

Another indication is Star 1 visiting you in the Star 2 Palace. You may be abandoning a study to devote yourself to yet other studies. You may be moving away from home, or you may have trouble being accepted by some type of community. You may find yourself in between jobs or reflecting on how to proceed. Be strategic about anything you do.

Certain past personal divination we did for clients

Outside 9 Ki events forecasting, would you wish to by the hand of 9 Ki Divination set yourself to personal life progression past-present-future.

I am excited to show you certain samples, while would you say there’s certain ‘detail’ there?

Heluo: You7 may be looking at a certain unexpected situation, likely certain financial7 setback5. You need to therefore duly note any transaction. Something to perhaps involve a male3 person may come to the surface9 to ‘expose’9 you, which may well lead to scandal1.

Client: I had a 3-year contract upcoming worth USD 90,000.00, with a company, but one of my employees2 went to complain with the CEO6 there, to say that I underpay him, which is not true, but contract has been cancelled. Will meet CEO next week.

Heluo: Your second Star 6 on the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, where annual-monthly Star 4 for document/contract4 appear in opposite positions: documents may change hands4<>4, one exchanged for another.

Client: I had not to fill in just the usual forms for that, but I was required to sign a special contract, so that I could obtain my passport and new nationality.


Heluo: Did you move away from a building8, due to conflict with a male?
(while for that conjoined here also annual Luoshu and his Star 5 Birth Chart).

Client:  Yes, I had to discontinue working with my business partner.

Heluo: Would then also you be on an airplane4 trip later this year in perhaps October with your spouse2, to move between communities5?

Client: My wife and I are making preparations for emigration.

Heluo: You8 may well be on a plane4 trip (Star 4 Palace for airplane).
Client: Yes, I will fly next week, my father6 had called3 me, as there have been problems5 with the family2 business.
Heluo: Oh, what type of business?
Client: My father owns a factory in Suriname.
Heluo: Would that be a cable1 factory8 by any chance?
Client: Yes!

While on to doing 9 Ki in name of actually his Star 9 wife, I then stay with only her specific Luoshu, to say that her Star 9 appears from opposite monthly Star 2, which then bodes (her) spouse (my client).

We sometimes see Stars to ‘drift apart’ once Stars appear in opposite position, until then her Star 9 for the month would ‘move away’ from monthly Star 2 for spouse – or homestead.

I told husband that a) he would move away from home2, while that related to b) ‘documents’4 and ‘something military6’.

He then reveals that he’ll lead a nationwide covert operation for his government, involving military6 documents4.

Now with her own Star 3 and Star 2 for luggage on the S-N annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, I thought to inform client that she – then not her luggage2 – would arrive in Greece. As she had learned about Luoshu directions, she asked if then not she could travel4 to an alternative direction first, remain for a few days, then move on to her destination, which the more with then Star 2 and her own Star 3 on the NE-SW monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis – then Star 5 -, I said would be probably to no avail. Months later she tells me that she had undertaken the alternative route, while still she lost her luggage, as it never did arrive.

To All

“One Peaceful World”

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