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Quit to rely on others for your fate calculation

4 topics in our vocational study program since 1997

9 Star Ki Divination 九宮占卜
Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi 八字算命
Flying Star Feng Shui 風水飛星派
Nine Star Ki Astrology 九星命理

All studies complete, done in one intensive gathering and no delay
Don’t return to class endlessly, only to collect fragmented techniques in any single topic of study bit by bit.

All studies advanced level
We never distinguish between beginners-intermediate-advanced.

Direct teacher-student interaction

Highest attainable level of confidentiality

Massive workbooks 480-730 pages

How is our study program structured for students?
Before we give you a study by study description, you may here see the structure by which our study program is organized.

Our school’s program comprises of 4-day master classes and/or distance learning, while you enroll as our full fledged student.

If not you enroll as a student, while still you wish to improve on
your skill, you can obtain our extracurricular
Home Study Course in any of the 4 topics of study that we teach, or one of our student’s completed distance learning homework file in 9 Ki Divination,
plus personal support and your questions answered extensively through your homework file by Heluo.

Heluo Hill study program master classes and distance learning

9 Star Ki Divination – personal and news events
Heluo Hill study program the Netherlands

This is your definitive one stop specialization in all of 9 Stars and Luoshu syntax for divination.

Take on any annual- and monthly Luoshu past-prestent-future for personal life progression and real (news) events.

Learn to see how 9 Stars, 8 Trigrams and Luoshu relate directly to real events in the media and everywhere around you.

Now that you know how the (in)tangible phenomena come to resort under 9 Stars and  8 Trigrams, you will literally see the hand of 9 Stars in real (news) events.

Hear thus far undisclosed tools for 9 Stars and Luoshu prediction and engage in detailed forecasting for personal life progression.

Greatly valued by Feng Shui practitioners also, as we exemplify exactly why it is that from 9 Ki derived annual- and monthly Stars cannot be made to meet San Yuan Jiu Yun 三元九運 factors of timeliness or (in)auspiciousness, in same ways as 9 Stars would be applied for purpose of house divination in Flying Star Feng Shui.

Learn how to read 9 Stars and Luoshu even on missing persons cases, or criminal (cold) cases, to let Luoshu give you the story on ‘what no eyes had witnessed’.

Before anything, understand that we cannot as such dismiss Wuxing Five Elements where it may serve its purpose, while on the other hand, if ever you had approached 9 Stars and Luoshu to give you the real event, but you had even slightly ‘winked’ at Wuxing (cycles), this is the exact thing that would have Luoshu clam up on you like an oyster. We’ll convincingly explain just why it is that Five Elements are out as a player if it comes to 9 Ki for real events.

Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi

Heluo Hill distance learning home study course

Learn to by far exceed those emblematic rules in Chinese astrology as you read a life and perform as the true diviner that others may rely on for expertise.

Your practice will not be the same as we reach well beyond mere Xu Zi Ping Bazi standards.

Hear why Bazi is so much more than ‘astrology’, until you said ‘brilliant, now I got it’.

Besides reading birth charts conventionally and along Heluo’s supplementary Four Pillars of Destiny – New Chinese Horoscope Charting, you will construct horoscopes in a matter of minutes using mere formula.

We will counter many misconceptions, such as our students tell us that they had learned ‘Clash’ between Stems and Branches, where there couldn’t be ‘Clash’ at all. Not just that, you need to hear why actually some of those ‘Clash deemed’ Stems and Branches come out to be favorable.

Learn the ‘not what it seems aspect’ once it appears in a year, month, day or hour Pillar and why finally the field should discontinue to deem the year Pillar ‘Grandparents’ Pillar.

Learn how to project the notion ‘an element can devote its energy only once’ on Ten Gods and how this bit alone will improve your accuracy. Hear if the month Branch can be Void, and what is the difference between Strength and Vibrancy. How to construct a Bazi birth chart, then know the person and his prospects within about 1 or 2 minutes.

Flying Star Feng Shui

Heluo Hill study program the Netherlands classroom

This class will be your lasting experience in every aspect of Flying Star Feng Shui. If you are already an adept, you don’t want to miss it, as this class will drastically change your perception and practice.

As a serious practitioner – or perhaps a teacher or consultant – you can’t afford to miss out on this training, because, once class door closes, we will show you the many decoys deliberately implemented in Fei Xing.

Whereas even these smoke screens would seem to come to your benefit, most of those ‘most trusted’ and ‘least to come under suspicion’ misfits will be implemented to deliberately come to your detriment.

Hear the true face of 5 Yellow, what (rather than at all whom) Fuxi stands for and what’s been the real purpose behind Hetu Yellow River Map.

See how we shred the Chinese Ming Gua system to pieces, until you didn’t believe you’d have ever applied it for your students or clients.

Let us show you which so-called ‘special’ Flying Star charts would be genuinely electromagnetism (as in 9 Stars), then what the ancient scholar would have devised just arithmetically, then dressed up as a Flying Star chart.

Hear the difference between a from ‘scholar’ derived decoy (harmless), or how a true astronomical observation could be molded by the ‘devious emperor’, while you’ll learn to recognize and denounce the latter.

As you practice in good faith, you want to in all cases quit to (unknowingly) use any red herrings. Study unequivocal cosmology, then a much improved approach to Wuxing Five Transformations. The subject of Northern-Southern Hemisphere forever debunked, as well as many standing misperceptions and contradictions cleared up.

Nine Star Ki Astrology

Heluo Hill Chinese metaphysics life coach

We can be short about it.

Supposing you were born a certain 9 Ki Star, linked to your year of birth.

If you are a Star 3, and if then you do what you had been shown to do ever since Nine Star Ki’s introduction to the West in the late 1970s, you’ll probably look up the character description pertaining to Star 3, out of an otherwise nine such character descriptions.

Ok, the first thing that we need to establish in this training, is to have you drastically overcome such 1980s approaches, as where we were told that we ‘are’ one particular Star for year (or month) of birth, while then we go to read the character description of that Star to regard it ‘our own’. That has been all erroneous.

In this exceptional consultant level training, Heluo discloses technique that you never knew was there in 9 Ki.

You’ll be working from a new vision into personality, character, relationships, marriage, zodiac sign compatibility, directionology, health and fate, organ induced behavior.

This class will handle the correct formula to calculate day Ki Stars from the only surviving Chinese Classic on the subject Bǎo Hǎi Jīng – 寶海經. We will show you how to construct a personal Kanagi Guruma 神名木車 birth chart.

Heluo Hill 9 Star Ki - 81 Star Combinations Kanagi Guruma Birth Chart

Whether we meet in our permanent classroom in The Netherlands, or as you hop on distance learning private training, you must prepare for an intensive and revealing study. Your practice will not be the same.

 Here’s a quick overview of our 4-day master classes and distance learning private training.

Heluo Hill study program master classes the Netherlands

Heluo Hill study program online distance learning private training