Distance learning with Heluo Hill | one-on-one (offline)

“If you wish to study but you cannot travel, you’ll still excel!”

This will be your one-on-one distance learning with Heluo for a period of 18 weeks.
(see outline study plan as you scroll)

Part One: 10 weeks
Upon receipt of your massive printed workbook, you’ll step into preliminary studies
of your handbook while you amass questions to be sent in to Heluo.

Part Two: 8 weeks
Your questions handled extensively and in depth in your personal study
file, while Heluo will supply you with additional training materials.

This way, your personal study file will go back and forth repeatedly, until
it mounts to an essay in its own right.

Read an even more elaborate description on distance learning with Heluo on my blog.

Each topic of study stands on its own and can be done separately or in any order.

See description of each study at class topics

9 Star Ki Divination 九宮占卜
Printed workbook 610 pages.

Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi 八字算命
Printed workbook 650 pages.

Nine Star Ki Astrology 九星命理
Printed workbook 480 pages.

Distance Learning Outline Study Plan
Asynchronous: you study offline, no log in times.

I designed a one-on-one distance learning and questions-answers based private student training, distinctively done around direct teacher-student interaction.

Be ready for an intensive and committed training, to adapt to your personal and professional situation, as I devote to one student at the time, it’s what I do.

Note that, as you pick your study of choice, each one of our studies transmits the curriculum in one gathering, as I waive to teach in modules.

You’ll learn the complete system to perform single-handedly, while everything aims so that you may instantly employ the technique in your practice, if you are – or if you aspire to be – a professional.

We establish this through profoundly intensive training and your massive printed workbook of between 480-730 pages (Part One), while as you come on distance learning, we will build your personal study file (Part Two), which will go back and forth between us repeatedly, everything done in your name.

Besides I’ll answer your questions extensively, be ready to receive supplementary materials, ‘for your eyes only’ private student materials, while I’ll share ‘specialization files’ with imperative techniques, that will help set you apart from others in the field.

I’ll here show you outline of your distance learning training, totaling 18 weeks.

Heluo Hill outline of Distance Learning Private Training - 18 weeks

One-on-one distance learning is your full fledged private training.

Direct student-teacher interaction, sharing private student materials.

Part 2 (8 weeks) is to develop all new training materials in your name.

Asynchronous: study offline, in your own time and wherever you are.

All study materials unlimited access, no passwords or ‘log in’ times.

Comprehensive workbooks (480-730 pages) read like a novel.

Highest attainable level of confidentiality.

Certificate of completion.

Learn from a teacher ‘washed ‘n’ ironed’ in Chinese metaphysics since 1973.