4-day master classes with Heluo Hill – Study dates

Heluo Hill master classes 9 Star Ki and Feng Shui Brazil, Greece, Russia, ChinaSee scheduled dates to our upcoming 4-day master classes and attain full control over the art in one gathering.

Because our studies are not divided into modules, you won’t be returning to class multiple times, only so as in order to gather the teaching in any single topic of study by bits and pieces. Advanced and complete training, massive workbook (480-730 pages).

Scheduled dates 4-day master classes

9 Star Ki Divination 九宮占卜
8-11 June 2017 OR 13-16 July 2017
Workbook 590 pages.

Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi 八字算命
15-18 June 2017 OR 20-23 July 2017
Workbook 650 pages.

Flying Star Feng Shui 風水飛星派
22-25 June 2017 OR 27-30 July 2017
Workbook 730 pages.

Nine Star Ki Astrology 九星命理
6-9 July 2017 OR 10-13 August 2017
Workbook 480 pages.

Each topic of study stands on its own, and can be done in any order that you prefer.

See General Information School for study program, class venue, B&B, certificate.

Email heluo@xs4all.nl with your queries or to enroll.

Already a training history or your professional practice in full swing?

You will learn advanced and highly competitive materials in an intensive class setting. Each study transmits the system at hand complete and in one gathering – as we distinctively waive to be teaching in modules -, so that you may employ for yourself or in name of others as a professional.

That said, and as we all practice in good faith, we need to trust that, everything that we’ve learned, has been indeed impeccable, and devoid of ‘agenda’.

But, did you at all catch those decoys to dress up as genuine technique, then unknowingly passed on to students and clients?

Especially where no one seems to talk about decoys or able to identify red herrings in those ‘most trusted’ techniques, you will like how we expose one after the other smoke screen in class.

Also check How (not) we treat art and student and read why teachers and consultants rely on Heluo for profound training.

9 Star Ki Divination 九宮占卜

Use 9 Stars and Luoshu to forecast real events and personal life progression past-present-future. See the hand of 9 Stars as reality unfolds.
If already you have been working with annual Stars and monthly Stars in any shape or form (as perhaps you are a practitioner of Flying Star Feng Shui), you will learn critically new things about 9 Stars and Luoshu and to by far surpass what’s in Shuo Gua Zhuan 說卦傳.

Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi 八字算命

Reach far beyond commonly employed Xu Ziping Bazi 徐子平 style. Learn from the Classic “Dripping Heaven Marrow” – Di Tian Sui 滴天髓. Hear why exactly there couldn’t be such a thing as the Useful God and the Annoying God. You can do without a (printed) Chinese Solar calendar, as you will learn to construct any Bazi horoscope using mere formula by the hand of the Blind Man’s Method (Mang Pai 盲派) in a matter of minutes. Syntax yet unknown in the field about Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches (Ganzhi) and Pillars designations, how to read a Bazi horoscope, yet imperative for your perception and practice.

Flying Star Feng Shui 風水飛星派

Outside you will learn advanced Fei Xing Feng Shui, we will disclose the true face of the Chinese Ming Gua system, the real purpose behind Hetu Yellow River Map and why exactly those from 9 Ki derived annual- and monthly Stars are always timely and not to behave as if they were ‘Feng Shui’ Stars. An honest look into special charts (energetics or arithmetics).

Nine Star Ki Astrology 九星命理

Drastically get over those 1980s standards, to finally see the true face of Nine Star Ki. Hear what induces personality and character, what triggers relationships, health. Nine Star Ki has never been ‘astrology’, so erroneous is, where you’ll go to read just the character description of your 9 Ki Star of birth, then declare it ‘yours’. Class teaches the originally intended formula to calculate day Stars and Kannagi Guruma.

Learn with Heluo if you are – or aspire to be – a professional

Learn as the ancients scholars had intended, down-to-earth technique devoid of myth and folklore.
Our scholarly approach clear from ‘hype’, ‘hear say’, ‘anyone’s guess’ or contradictory teaching.
All of our studies have been distinctly designed to convey the full study to you in one gathering.
This means that you won’t be returning to class, as some schools teach in modules.

Massive workbooks 480-730 pages, all painstakingly elaborate and carefully formulated since 1994.
Class intensive, to set you apart from others in the field, in mind your autonomy, competitiveness.
Students, teachers, consultants and Chinese masters from 35 countries have studied with Heluo.

If you have a training history, join Heluo in class, as it will decisively change your practice.
We’ll handle in class what not we could speak about uninhibitedly in our articles and blog series.
As a serious practitioner or as a professional, you want things to be correct from the outset.
Enjoy how we will always transmit everything formally and exactly as it is ‘supposed’ to be practiced ‘out there’, while then we show you what’s been decoy, so that you may discontinue using those.